Chapter 1: creation


Chapter 2: the beginning

NOTE: You’ll notice many references to Achille's videos, like 2 very obvious ones in the 2nd chapter.

NOTE #2: whenever there isn’t music listed that doesn’t mean it’s silent, it just means I don’t have a particular track in mind, so you can fill in the gaps with whatever you want.

NOTE #3: if If you see [music stops], that does NOT mean there’s no music after that; it just means the previous music track has stopped. You can fill the rest in with whatever you want. If you see [all music stops] that means it’s quiet until you either see a new music track or [miscellaneous music continues].

4 000 years before most of my U4 shit, 3 deadly creatures arrived at the Milky Way galaxy. Their names were Weegee, Malleo and Yushee. They each had 2 forms: Their base form and their ultimate form. Their base forms were in the single-digit trillions in terms of power, as they were made for torture. Their ultimate forms were made for pure destruction, and their power levels were in the tens of quadrillions. (These are the strongest weegee's, malleo's and yushee's in the multiverse, they are this strong because TBWH is not contained, so he can feed them insane amounts of power, The ones form never piss link nukem off are screwed, they're in the hundreds of trillions.)

Instead of destroying the Milky Way, TBWH ordered his sentient puppets to go to a certain planet where he sensed a very large power.

On that planet (hyrule), was a legendary hero known as Majora. (This isn't based off the mask, he's based off another zelda character, I know my zelda shit.) Majora held the legendary tetraforce (the correct name for the quadforce), and when using it to its full potential, he could reach a power level of 800 quadrillion. The tetraforce was designed by hylia, but made by the grand ultimate force, hylia was a lower-class god, the trifroce is well within her reach, but not the tetraforce. (The pieces are the tetraforce of creation (middle), separation (bottom left), union (bottom right) and life (top).) The weegee brothers arrived and Majora sensed their insane power, and turned into tetrafroced Majora. (He basically looks like mastered triforced link nukem, only Majora looks nothing like link.) He only went at 75%, because he knew they couldn't keep up. He incapacitated Yushee with a single blast, and as malleo went to punch him he snapped his arm and threw him at weegee, injuring both. TBWH could tell this wasn't going well (no shit) so he activated their 3rd form.

Should his puppets ever engage in battle with someone too strong for them to handle, they can fuse into WeeMalSheeGas, who had a power level of 17 quintillion.

MUSIC: Can’t find it, but it’s the one used when mastered triforced link nukem was fighting super spirit WeeGee, achille put the wrong track name in the description.

Once they transformed, Majora went full power and stared to attack the nightmare amalgamation, throwing many punches and kicks. They were doing nothing, so he started attacking faster and stronger, and then sped up and straightened up again, but nothing was working. WeeMalSheeGas was mostly powerless in their normal form, but they can create other forms for themselves to use their power in. WeeMalSheeGas turned into a grey weegee, who was 3D like ultimate weegee, but not hyper-realistic. He looked almost metallic, actually. He had no eyes, just gaping holes, save for 2 green pupils in the middle. His pupils would turn green, red or blue depending on whose attack it was mimicking at the time, but since weegee was the strongest that was its natural pick. Majora backed up and fired hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny beams at WMSG, but to no avail. WeeMalSheeGas then flew at Majora and punched him. It wasn't a powerful punch, but it wasn't a weak punch, it was just a punch. But WeeMalSheeGas was so powerful that punch crippled him and sent him flying into space.

[all music stops]

He flew for millions of light years, far away from the galaxy before friction got the better of him and he stopped. (There's still friction in space, just much less of it, it's almost a perfect vacuum.)


Majora floated, critically injured, possibly going to die, and just floating through space. He thought of how it was only a punch that did this to him, nothing else. Then he made an even more terrifying realisation: That monster was just a puppet, a puppet for something even more powerful.

Just then, a bright light appeared before him. And out of it came a naked male baby, with grey super saiyan hair, only smaller. He looked very wise, almost old (Not really that much, though.) and he had an umbilical cord sticking out of his back that seemed to go up for ever.

"I am the supreme ultimate force of this universe." He said in a calm, soothing voice. "Do not be afraid, I am here to help."

"The being you're fighting is beyond even my power, he must be stopped. If I give you all my power however, you should be able to defeat him."

[music stops]

Majora then was hit with a flow of insane, pure energy. Once it was done, he was fully healed, and the baby was gone.


WeeMalSheeGas finally caught up with him and was confused as to how he was in perfect condition. He charged up a powerful beam at Majora, wondering if he had underestimated him. Suddenly Majora's power skyrockets.

"Don't write me off!" He says as he easily deflected the beam. His body has turned white, and he is emitting a powerful white aura.

WeeMalSheeGas responds by saying he is full of surprises and asked him why he persists, and if he sees the futility in fighting him. His pupils turn red and he says "Allow me to teach you the meaning of true power!" before firing a massive barrage of fire flowers at Majora, but not a single one does anything to him, let alone vaporise him. Shocked by this, he charges up a massive fire flower, almost as big as his body with a fiery aura. He shouts "SUPREME FIRE FLOWER!" before firing it. It flies towards Majora and makes a fart sound upon colliding. Majora charges into WeeMalSheeGas, destroying his body. The original WeeMalSheeGas flies out, greatly injured. It creates an identical body and says "FOOL! I will see you BURN!" before his eyes turn blue and he uses Yushee's growing technique. He grows to the size of multiple galaxies and his power doubles. He starts punching Majora with his galaxy-sized fists; however Majora slices his arms in half by just holding his hand at a sharp angle. He regenerates his arms and attacks again, before Majora does it again. He constantly regenerates his arms but Majora slices them all in half without really attacking (WeeMalSheeGas is just hitting the sides of his hands, remember?) Majora tires of this wasted time, and fires a massive beam at him. The beam obliterates both WeeMalSheeGas's body and WeeMalSheeGas itself. The beam keeps going, through billions of galaxies, but they are all unharmed, as tetraforced Majora has complete control over his attacks. Majora calls out to WeeMalSheeGas's master, knowing he will be no match, but instead hopes to trick the master into dooming himself.


TBWH appears before Majora an starts to kill him, falling for Majora's trap. Majora calls out to some force beyond the universe, and because of the massive beacon of power that is TBWH, they hear his cries, and open up a portal to a strange portal network.

Majora flies into the portal and TBWH goes after him. Majora realises each portal leads to a different universe, and flies through each universe to find the perfect prison for TBWH. He settles on U18, a universe where the laws of physics don't apply. There is nothing but a black void, and even time doesn't work properly. It WORKS, but it’s like a single moment that can be changed, but when something is changed, it replaces the old thing. He sacrifices the tetraforce, turning it into a seal for TBWH. Because of his insane power, the tetraforce only limits his power to 9 sextillion, far higher than Majoras (370 quintillion) and TBWH can break the seal within a minute, but that's all Majora needs. He calls upon the tortured U4 to give him all of his energy, basically like a universal spirit bomb, but in his sword. (I swear down I came up with this before dragon ball super did it.) All of the energy in U4 totalled to 1 sextillion, and he swung it at TBWH. Even with the tertaforce seal, it didn't even hurt a bit, but thanks to the tetraforce seal it was enough to knock him back into the portal to U18.

[music stops]

Majora closed the portal quickly and collapsed back on to hyrule, as his powers he got from the supreme ultimate force disappeared. He looked up at the stars, which looked a little brighter now, and smiled.

The rest of the universe seemed to feel like something was different, like the torture the uinverse had endured for hundreds of thousands of years was over. They all looked at the Milky Way galaxy, close to some, invisible to others...

And smiled back.

Chapter 3: LSAW part 1

It was 4 000 years after TBWH was trapped inside U18, and though he had gotten rid of the tetraforce seal, he still couldn’t escape the universe. He once had been able to make another Weegee, but only one. And that Weegee was later killed, so it meant nothing. Then, he found something.

On the planet of hyrule, the last planet he visited, he found a human that has such a similar biological structure, if he took control of the human, he could literally morph it into Weegee. They even looked a bit like Weegee on the outside! His name was Gay Luigi, he and Mario were going to a picnic set up by princess peach, unaware that it was a trap set up by Bowser. Bowser was watching them closely, waiting for thei reaction when they opened up the gates when it happened. Gay Luigi’s body began to morph, and though he resisted it, there was nothing he could do. He told Mario to run far and fast, away from him, and Mario did so without even looking back. Mario is a good guy, lawful good in fact, but he’s also a selfish prick. As his last act, Gay Luigi sealed Weegee’s true power, limiting his power level to 30 000. But that was still enough to do plenty of damage. He fired a blast out of his eyes at the wall Bowser hides behind, and Bowser runs for his life.

In hyrule, the king and Zelda were trying to have a nice meal, but retarded Lanik was being… retarded Lanik. Lanik was on a secret undercover mission to get the triforce back from general milltron, the last of ganon’s generals. Retarded Lanik was actually Lanik’s twin brother Lanik, who had a mental disability. His IQ was below 50, so he was about as smart as achille’s retarded Lanik (the IQ of 15 was more of a joke than anything). Mario came running in and collapsed on the floor, just as Gwonam comes through the window with important news:

“Your majesty, a powerful demon is terrorizing hyrule, he calls himself ‘Weegee’.”

“Well don’t just stand there, send 5 international guards after him, they should do the job.” The king replied. Oh, and… Bowser. He hasn’t had a single victory in 31 years, he deserves something.”

“Ooohhhh boyyy, can I go king?” Lanik asked. “Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please?”


“Can I go instead of the interantial guards? I have a power of 3!”

“3 000, you idiot.” Zelda said. “And no, you can’t. You and Bowser alone would do nothing; his power level is only a bit above yours.”

“Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please?”


“Yaay, with your protection I will always win!”

The king just sighed, and let them go.

Once the 2 arrived, Weegee gave them time to attack. Retarded Lanik fired a ball of energy at him, doing a bit of damage, and Bowser fired a lazer out of his mouth, doing 50% more damage. Both of the attacks barely even hurt him though, and Weegee just decided to kill them. He fired a kind-of powerful beam out of his eyes, and obliterated to 2.

Gwonam returned to the king with the news, and the king told him to send Mario, and call for Gay Luigi and Link. (The Mario bros and Link are hyrule’s strongest warriors.) Mario told them they were all FIGHTING Gay Luigi, so the king just said to call in Link

Link was in a cave, fighting a huge swarm of weak enemies like Diarahs andlazy bones and keese. They were all, of course, super weak compared to him, but their numbers were giving Link a challenge. Gwonam phoned Link, and just as he got his cell phone out to answer, it was sliced into pieces by a keese.

Gwonam watched as the contact just disappeared, and shrugged.

“Well then just send in Morshu, he’s got another person to train him other than me and I heard he surpassed Link.”

We see Morshu in a pitch-white room with an aging man (in between middle-aged and elderly) as Morshu tries to hit him as he dodges. Morshu calls it off as he hears his phone, and he sees the kind has sent him a “code red” mission. He tells the man, who he calls Tihm, he has to go, and speeds off to the castle as fast as he can.

The king, getting desperate, tells his best guards to unseal ganon from the book of koridai. (because in the wand of gamelon ganon says “you haven’t seen the last of me!” and in faces of evil he says “IT BURNS!”, wand of gamelon comes first in my timeline (the games didn’t happen exactly the same, because Lanik is quite awesome, and they all have DB powers (none of them are at DBZ level yet, but DB level certainly.))) The guards individually are weaker than ganon but together overpower him thanks to his seal sickness. (Otherwise he would beat them all easily.) They show him Weegee and he agrees to help them after seeing his power, if he doesn’t Weegee may kill them all. The book of koridai isn’t a strong seal, so ganon’s seal sickness wears off very quickly. His seal sickness is gone within 10 minutes, and by them Morshu is there. They quickly assemble and go after Weegee.

The 3 heroes arrive to find a destroyed wasteland where faaron woods used to be, and find it was caused by Weegee. At first they began to give Weegee trouble. Ganon was by far the weakest, but still did a good bit of damage. Mario fired loads of toast shots at Weegee and Morshu threw a massive bomb at Weegee and shot it with his shotgun. Weegee lunged at Mario, taking away most of his health (he’s still way stronger than them remember.) ganon then used his black magic to heal Mario, and boost everyone’s defence. Morshu was actually stronger than the other 2 combined, as he had surpassed Lanik. He delivers a devastating combo of many punches and kicks, using many techniques, taking away 25% of Weegee’s health. (He’s now down by 45%) Mario also decides to go all out and eats a fire flower (not Malleos kind) and fires hundreds of fireballs, knocking off another 10% of his health. Weegee, annoyed by ganon’s black magic and decides to imprison him inside a book of koridai. He creates a wand of gamelon and seals ganon, before firing a weak beam at the book, destroying it.

After losing one of their teammates, Mario decides to up the ante and prepares his overlimit. While doing this, Weegee prepares his automatic healing factor that will heal him 50% of his health after an attack. Morshu fires a small bomb out of his shotgun that hits Weegee with a lot of force, taking away 8.5% of his health and distracting him while he was preparing his technique. Mario activates over 9 000 toast and it seriously injures Weegee, taking his health down from 36.5% to 1.5%. Weegee is PISSED, and prepares his own overlimit, the giant death ball. Mario and Morshu get in the most defensive position possible, but it doesn’t matter. The giant death ball overkills them. (When you do twice the amount of damage as the person you killed’s health.) Gwonam sees this take place and goes to report back to the king. Weegee sees him, and begins to track him.

Once Weegee arrives at the castle, he kills Gwonam and prepares to fight the guards. All of the guards are between Mario and Lanik in power levels, but Weegee kills them all easily. Once he reaches the throne room, he expects it to be easy, Weegee defeated hyrule’s strongest warriors, the king will be powerless.

Much to Weegee’s surprise, the king gets up and assumes a fighting position. Weegee laughs, and lunges at him, beginning his powerful physical combo.

The king literally bitch-slaps him into the throne when he reaches him, at it actually deals as much damage as Morshu’s combo. Weegee gets up to see the king drinking from his goblet before firing a powerful yellow beam out of his mouth, that despite not being a powerful attack, did MORE damage than over 9 000 toast. Weegee fires a beam at the king, but the king throws his goblet at Weegee before he can finish charging it, so only half of the beam hits the king. The attacks deal equal damage to both, but the king has over 3x as much health, so yeah. Weegee is shocked by this turn of events, he has no idea how the king could be so powerful. Morshu barely got over half his power level and yet the king is 3 times his! The king suddenly throws Weegee across the wall then kicks him out the window before landing on him. Weegee tries to heal himself but the king punches him to distract him before hitting him with an energy ball.

Weegee is crippled, and this gives Gay Luigi just the opportunity he needs to take back control. We go inside Weegee’s body and see their souls. Weegee looks like ultimate Weegee but without the realistic-effects. So basically just a 3D skin coloured Weegee. Gay Luigi looks like normal for now.


He gives a heroic speech to Weegee and then grows massive white arch-angel wings and gets a massive white scythe before flying at Weegee. All souls are insanely powerful, including ours. They have no physical power, but in the mind scape they can reach into the low millions. Weegee however, is different.


Right as Gay Luigi was about to hit him, Weegee grabs hold of him and says:

“You fool; if my body were as powerful as a soul I could destroy the whole solar system! You made a mistake fighting me, now this body is mine!”

His eyes glow red and he vaporises Gay Luigi, and we go back to real life where Gay Luigi’s transformation into Weegee is complete. He activates super speed and the king tries to attack him with his attack called “fury of punches” but every single punch misses. Weegee kicks him, but even when heavily suppressing himself, the kick takes away a massive chunk of his health, before Weegee head-butts him across the globe, crashing through multiple mountains. The king is on his last legs, so he uses his second strongest attack: the dinner blaster. It does massive damage, but only takes away 1% of Weegee’s health. 1 PERCENT! Weegee kills the king with a weak laser, and moves on the the rest of hyrule.

[music stops]

Chapter 4: LSAW part 2

Weegee goes across the globe destroying everything, the next time we see him, the whole planet of hyrule is devastated; on its last legs. We see Weegee destroying everything when WaWeegee comes crashing into him. Weegee gets up and attacks, but WaWeegee overpowers him. Weegee fires a beam but WaWeegee counters it with his own, stronger beam. Weegee starts to use more power and begins to overpower WaWeegee, but then Walleo jumps in and adds his beam to WaWeegees, injuring Weegee and destroying a huge mountain. (They are inter-continent level at this point btw.)

While this is happening, we see Mario’s dead body after the giant death ball hit him. We see the 7 stars approach Mario’s corpse and begin talking to one-another.

“We have to revive Malleo! We can’t defeat Weegee on our own, he’s too powerful!”

“What about the triforce? It must be powerful enough to defeat Weegee!”

“Yes, but milltron and Link are the only ones with pieces, and Weegee killed them! No one knows where the pieces went!”

Just then, one of the stars dies. The others are confused, and then they all start to die, until the final one is left; eldstar.

“W-who are you? WHERE are you?” eldstar cries.

We see a massive shadow looming over eldstar, as he looks at whatever the face is in pure terror, right before he dies.

Mario’s body begins to get twisted, looking very similar to when Weegee was made, and then his eyes light up pure white, as if something very evil was now in his body…

We go back to Weegee, who is getting beaten by the wario bros. He’s stronger than both of them on their own by a bit, but together he doesn’t stand a chance.

(I got really lazy here, this scene is missing. Basically for the Weegee continues to get overpowered, charges up a beam, they deflect it and the kick Weegee into a mountain.)

Weegee is thrown into the mountain, blowing it up. WaWeegee goes into the smoke cloud when it starts to clear and gets punched by a fist far more powerful than Weegee’s. Once the smoke clears he sees Malleo standing there, before he fires a beam at WaWeegee. WaWeegee realises this new threat is far superior to Weegee (He’s not; Weegee just can’t go full power yet, while Malleo can.) so he tells Walleo to go find and battle Weegee while he takes Malleo. This was a mistake, as Malleo kicks him across the world and proceeds to beat him up. (I’ll do power levels after this so you can see the massive differences in power.) He eventually has WaWeege so injured he can just pick him up. Malleo charges up a powerful death stare that will easily kill him at point-blank range. Just then, Walleo slams his geet into him, knocking him away. Walleo then begins to heal WaWeegee, telling him that Weegee is missing. Malleo then rams Walleo with the same technique Walleo used on him, before backing up and firing a powerful blast out of his hand that creates a huge explosion and kills WaWeegee.


Walleo rushed to WaWeegee, but it’s already too late. Walleo has enough breath in him for some last words, but nothing more.

“Remember last week?” Walleo nods.

“We were travelling the galaxy as legendary warriors, defeating all the evil there is. Then you made that stupid bet we lost, now we’re stuck on this planet in these ridiculous forms.”

“And I just wanted to let you know, I… forgive… you………..”

And that was all he said before he took his last breath.

Walleo looked up at Malleo, laughing after killing his friend, and then he screams.


Walleo’s rage takes him far beyond his limit as he charges at Malleo, who expects the fight to be easy. Much to his dismay, Walleo is equal strength now, and Malleo is having trouble fighting him. They’re both 100% equal, Malleo has strategies, Walleo has brute force and determination to kill the man who took away his partner. Everything Malleo was doing was getting counteracted. Malleo tried something he thought would work: he distracted Walleo with a weak attack and then hit him with a blast of insanely hot fire. This fire was reaching 100 000 degrees kelvin or around 99 750 degrees Celsius. Walleo can’t take the heat and in what Malleo thinks are Walleo last moments, he says that it felt good to kill Walleo, which pushes him evn further, so much furtherhe resists the heat. He lunges at Malleo and begins to beat him up, seeing as he’s now stronger than him. He throws Malleo into the atmosphere and charges up a powerful beam. Just then, Weegee flies through Walleo’s arms, leaving nothing but bloody stumps and cutting off the beam. Weegee is now using his full power, so he’s stronger than Malleo, but not as strong as Walleo. Walleo knocks Weegee to the ground at starts beating him with his bloody stumps, but then Malleo comes in and knocks him away. Weegee and Malleo begin to charge up a very powerful team attack called “dark end”. It was basically a very, very dark green version of the attack void god used on Super Ultimate Spirit Weegee. Most people would be afraid of such dark energy, but Walleo was too angry to be afraid. He fired a beam at dark end, but it was consumed, along with Walleo.

[music stops]

With the greatest threat out of the way, Weegee and Malleo turned to each-other, and powered up. They both fired very powerful beams, and Weegee’s was slowly overpowering Malleo’s, until the beams disappeared, and everything went dark.

A massive head appeared in front of them, but it was hidden in shadows, you could see nothing other than that it was a head and 2 glowing, red eyes.

“You idiots don’t remember your past, do you? You were destroyers of worlds TOGETHER.”

Suddenly, Weegee and Malleo were filled with memories of blowing up planets and stars, along with some kind of huge Yoshi.

They smiled, and flew out of the atmosphere. They charged up their beams again, but this time combined them and fired them at the planet. (They are only moon level individually.) After destroying hyrule, they flew off into space, and you see planets disappearing as they do.

Then the king woke up.

Somehow, he knew what he had just seen was premonition, Zelda walked in in the same way, saying the same things, it was the same time, and everything was the same. He jumped through the wall, and travelled as fast as he could to where Mario and Luigi were. Before now the fastest the king ever went was 700mph, slightly below the sound barrier. But right now, he actually BROKE the sound barrier, and travelled above 750mph. but even at that speed, he was too late.

Mario was already running the other direction, and Gay Luigi had just sealed Weegee.

The king said “I’m sorry” to Gay Luigi, before charging up his ultimate attack, dinner, which would hurt everything in a certain area except the king, with a force of a 50 kiloton bomb at his current power level. It killed Weegee as well, and in his last moments he stared into the kings eyes and said “curse you. I will live on. I WILL LIVE ON!”

The king was confused, but left anyway, but something nagged at him.

That head from his premonition, it felt strange. It felt EVIL. Even now, the image in his head felt corrupt, like that head was something bigger, something he couldn’t even fathom.

Unfortunately for him, his question would shortly be answered…

I may have stolen a chunk of this from Pokemon tournament part 6, but I tried to do my own thing as well, so yeah.

Chapter 5: The king’s descent into madness

NOTE: this was made before rise of the evil traitor, so I didn’t know what happened between LSAW and the evil king, so this was my take on it.

NOTE #2: it’s not shown very well here, but Link is not actually a super-badass like Link nukem. He’s cocky and arrogant, but also is a brilliant hero. Hyrule’s best, for now at least.

It was a few weeks after LSAW was averted, and there was something wrong with the king. He didn’t feel well; he found it harder for him to find sympathy for Zelda, Link and Lanik, even though he loved them very much. It was harder for him to find happiness now, even though he was normally very happy. He doesn’t get pleasure in eating, fighting, resting, playing video games, getting praise from his citizens, even whenever he found a way to lower tax he still felt empty! And Lanik. LANIK! He was so annoying, the king almost wanted to strangle him!

The king dropped his goblet. What did he just think? That he wanted to kill Lanik? He loved Lanik! He was annoying as all hell, but he raised him since he was a baby, left out on the doorstep of Morshu’s shop along with Link! The king knew this wasn’t right, but couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

(2 weeks later.)

Link had reached Milltron’s lair, deep in the catacombs under gerudo desert. He had defeated all of Milltron’s minions and now only glutko stands in the way. (He looks like CD-I glutko bud has LOZ1 glutko’s abilities.) Glutko grew 2 extra heads and fired many fireballs at Link. He deflected them with his shield, but they did no damage. Link swung his sword at chopped off 1 of the heads. Glutko was confused; as the last time Link fought him he was far weaker, though he knew he wouldn’t stand a chance against Milltron. Link rolled a bomb up to him, merely as a distraction, and once I exploded, he activated his twin dancing blades and chopped glutko’s head off. He rolled a bomb into his body and watched it blow up. Damn Link, pretty savage.

(1 week earlier.)

The king was no longer feeling just unhappy, but angry with everything. He seemed to have developed anger issues, but ones he could control. He didn’t lash out at anyone, but he no longer expressed love for his children, or any happiness at all. He was usually angry, but when he wasn’t angry he was depressed. Lanik didn’t notice, but Zelda was seriously worried. She tried to ask him what was wrong, but he just got pissed off and shouted “I DON’T FUCKING KNOW! GET OUT OF MY FUCKING ROOM!” and threw her out. She really hoped Link would get back soon; it would be really useful for everyone. Maybe he could convince the king to get therapy.

(1week later.)

Link reached Milltron’s room, and as he stood there he realised milltron must’ve been training, Link measured his power level on his state-of-the-art scouter and registered 16 000.

“FOOL!” He shouted. “YOU DARE CHALLENGE ME?!? I WILL CONTINUE GANON’S QUEST, YOU CANNOT STOP ME!” Milltron activated the triforce of power and his power level grew by 100 000. Link had actually taken one of the triforce pieces he already had, the triforce of courage. He activated it and his power level grew by 100 000 as well. They began to duke it out, at first it seemed even but Milltron’s sword was more powerful than the master sword so he was beginning to overpower Link. Link had a backup plan, however. He pulled out the goron mask and put it on. Now that he had higher defence, he could focus on attack. Milltron sliced through the mask, removing Link’s powers and giving him a scar. He equipped the giant’s mask and his non-TOC power doubled, putting him at 130 000. His power wasn’t enough to get an advantage over Milltron, but his size was. Milltron could only hit the bottom of Link (not THAT bottom) and the master sword was now as thick as Milltron. He was able to severely injure milltron, to the point where he surrendered the TOP to him. Link took off the giants mask and went to collect it when Milltron swung at him, slashing his right arm off and disconnecting him form the TOC. Milltron laughed at Link, and how easily he fell for his trap, but Link had 1 final trick up his sleeve. He had 1 health potion and 1 guardian potion left, and he drank the health potion before also drinking the guardian potion once the 1st potion healed his arm. Link now was twice as strong as he was before and Milltron could not use the TOP as it was sitting in the middle of the room. Link easily but off Milltron’s right hand, taking the sword with it, and then beat milltron up until he wouldn’t be able to put up a fight when Link brought him back to hyrule’s top security prison. His guardian potion wore off, and he collected the TOP and began the journey back to hyrule.

(1 day later.)

The king was now lashing out at everyone around him, which was a problem because he was the strongest man in hyrule. If you angered him (which was very easy to do), he may attack you. Lanik was being kept away from him, as he would probably do something stupid and get himself killed.

But Zelda had had enough. She approached him, against the guard’s orders, and spoke to him.

“Get out.”

“I’m going to get you help. There’s something wrong, and somewhere on this planet there will be someone who can help you get better.”

“I don’t need any fucking help. Get out of here right now or you’re dead.”

“You wouldn’t kill me. The father I know wouldn’t kill me.”

“WELL GUESS AGAIN!!” The king says as he shoots Zelda with flak from his dinner blaster. Zelda is pinned up against the wall as she sees the king firing a massive burger out of his dinner blaster.

Just then, Link rams into Zelda, saving them both from the blast, though it does clip and nearly break Link’s foot.

“Hey!” He says, before taking a sip of his healing potion he just had someone brew, healing his foot. “Want some?”

“I’m okay.” She lies; she just wants Link to have it in case he gets injured.

“I’LL TEAR YOU BOTH APART!!!” The king yells.

“RUN!” Zelda screams.

They both escape the castle before the king blows it up, and Link tells Zelda to follow him, he has a hiding spot.

Chapter 6: The evil king

Link and many others (Lanik, Zelda, Impa, Gwonam, Bowser, Mario, Morshu and Tihm) are all hiding out in Tihm’s MTR. (Microversal training room. (Basically it’s a tiny universe the size of a galaxy inside a box in Tihm’s house. There are many reasons why it’s good for training.))

They have all decided to form a resistance to take down the evil king. Zleda and Lanik are going to stay behind because they’re not very powerful and Lanik is too stupid. Gwonam and Impa are weaker than both of them but Impa is a good mage and Gwonam is a good summoner. Tihm will stay behind, he says he will arrive if they need him, and he will know if they do. He agrees to restrain Lanik so he doesn’t follow them. (Zelda has half Link’s power level, so she can’t do it.)

They arrive at the ruins of the castle and see the evil king there. He tells them he wants their souls, because devouring souls feels good. (He’ instinctively programmed to want to devour souls, a bit like sex for humans.)


They engage in battle, but few stand a chance. Impa boosts everyone’s attck and defence, Gwonam uses his “squadala” move, but the evil king takes little damage, and then kills him. Bowser throws 20 trucks at him, but they do nothing. Mario does a ground pound, but it hurts him more than it hurts the evil king. Link uses his technique “rain of sword”, which does a number on him, but the evil king retaliates by firing 2 lasers out of his eyes which critically injures Link. The evil king created a shockwave that knocks down and injures everyone, except for Morshu, who is still standing.

[music pauses]

Now we see flashbacks of Morshu’s training with Tihm, we see Tihm’s intense training as Morshu improves and learns many techniques from Tihm, including the kaioken. The final technique he shows Morshu is the most impressive:

“Tell me Morshu, have you ever heard of the Saiyans?”

“No, why?”

“There is a special technique all life can achieve if they get angry enough, but your biological structure had to be just right, so the chance of any other life achieving this technique is 1 in 1 octillion.

The Saiyans biology actually happened to be nearly right, so certain saiyans could achieve it, so the universe believed it was a racial technique.

There was no way to achieve this unless your biology is right… until 100 years ago…”

Suddenly Tihm’s hair becomes spiky and gold, his eyes become blue and he gets an incredible golden aura.

“This is a super saiyan. A scientist who also happened to be a fighter discovered there are ways you can adapt your body to fit the mould… then you just need to get pissed off to an insane degree. I engineered this microverse to naturally change your body to fit the mould; most of it’s on the inside but you may notice your outer posture change after being in here for a long time.

You have trained for long enough, your body is ready, I just need something to push you over the edge. The skill really is amazing, once you transform once, re-entering the form will be easy, and when you’re in your super saiyan form all of your physical attributes are multiplied by 50, or, in rare instances, 100.”

[music comtinues]

Back to the present day, Morshu and the evil king engage in a brawl, however though the others stood no chance, Morshu is taking everything the king has and throwing it back at him even stronger. The king charges up a powerful beam but Morshu sends an energy ball through it, hitting the evil king. The evil king and Morshu brawl some more, and Morshu is always 1 step ahead of the evil king.

“I’m impressed. You’ve managed to get your power level from 20 000 to above 90 000 in no time!”

Morshu shrugs it off and sends a bomb at him.

“Cheap prick.”

Morshu then covers the bomb in lamp oil and ties the evil king up with rope and throws the 2 together.

[music stops]

A huge explosion is seen, an explosion the size of a nuclear bomb. The heroes wonder if it killed the evil king before they see a hand reaching out of the smoke pile. He uses a skill called “soul snatch” and steals Impa’s soul from her body. (If a person is weak enough, he can take their soul, they don’t die, they’re forced to obey the evil king’s commands, and so it’s actually worse.)

He then fires a beam at a nearby city, killing hundreds of thousands of people and stealing their souls. The king’s power grows and grows as the protagonists have no idea how to handle this. Seeing his power, Gwonam uses his strongest summon: a massive dragon. They all get away as the battle commences. The dragon breaths fire, scorching the evil king. TEK responds by sending a dark wave at the dragon, which then claws him. TEK prepares his phantom arms, which will rip the dragon open as long as the arms were stronger than the dragon, and the arms are stronger than him. The phantom arms pull the dragon’s mouth to the max, but it won’t budge.

“How the hell are you this strong?!?” The evil king says. Though the dragon is in pain, it has a perfect opening seeing as its mouth is wide open facing towards the evil king. It breathes a massive amount of fire breath, and the evil king falls backward. He gets incredibly angry and pulls out his dinner blaster, which now uses souls for energy. He gives the dragon all he’s got, and eventually obliterates the dragon.

TEK tracks down the heroes that were trying to escape while he was fighting the dragon, and kills Gwonam. With 2 more souls added to the lot (Gwonam and the dragon) and no summoner or mage, Morshu goes all out. He goes kaioken x2 and the evil king, interested, beckons him. Morshu manages to put up a fight, and impress the evil king, but not actually stand a chance against him, as the evil king easily knocks him down in the end. Morshu gets up and goes kaioken x3, where he begins to stand a chance so he immediately goes up to kaioken x4, where he is equal with the king.

(Morshu isn’t the same as goku kaioken wise, he can take much more:

Kaioken x2: no repercussions. Kaioken x3:  he uses up a lot of energy. Kaioken x4: it hurts a bit. Kaioken x5: it injures him. Seriously bad side effects appear after that, so he never goes above 6.)

Morshu, seeing as how he’s equal to the evil king at kaioken x4, goes kaioken x5 and prepares his “rain of bombs” attack. Coupled with the Kaioken, it does massive damage, nearly killing the evil king. The evil king has had enough, and uses his ultimate technique “apocalypse”.

You see souls from all across hyrule being absorbed by the evil king, as he begins to change. His body turns dark, his clothes turn dark red, and his eyes turn into a piercing red.

“I AM THE MYSTIC KING!” He shouts.

Morshu goes kaioken x4 and delivers the physical combo he used on Weegee in the king’s dream, but it doesn’t even do any damage, so he continues it in kaioken x5, but the results are the same.

After seeing this, Morshu has no idea what to do, and he sees the mystic king charging up his dinner blaster. They are all powerless to do anything but watch on in fear as he fires it. Just then, Tihm appears and surrounds them in a force field.


“You needed me.” He says.

The mystic king is annoyed at him, though he realises his power level is far beyond any of the others besides Morshu. Tihm goes super saiyan and flies at the mystic king, and they engage in battle. At first Tihm is equal to him, if not possibly higher, until the mystic king went full power and begin to overpower Tihm. Morshu wants more than anything else to fly up and help his master, but there’s nothing he can do. He’s too weak. Tihm gets knocked out of his super saiyan form and falls to the ground. He then gives a piece of his power to all of the heores temporarily, telling them to work together. Link summons his other master sword (he has 2, yes.) and combines them together into the true master sword. (End of skyward sword.) He then prepares “hero’s wrath”, his ultimate attack. Morshu goes kaioken x5 and puts hundreds of bombs in a pile and covers them in lamp oil. Mario readies his over 9 000 toast attack to fire all 9 000 pieces of toast at any time he pleases, and aims all the toasters at the pile of bombs. Morshu grabs the mysic king by a rope and swings him into many balls of energy set up by him, fireballs set up by Mario and swords set up by Link. He then swings the mystic king into the bomb pile as hard as he can, as Bowser breathes fire over the lamp oil-covered bomb pile, blowing it up. Once they all exploded all 9 001 giant pieces of toast hit him, right before Link comes flying from above, driving the true master sword through the mystic king followed by the rest of the hero’s wrath attack.

[all music stops]

The power Tihm gave them wore off, and they looked at the pile of rubble, wondering if it was finally over.

[miscellaneous music continues]

The mystic king came out of the rubble, laughing. “Good, but not good enough! Your story ends here!” The mystic kind prepared a powerful blast and fired it at the heroes, directly at Morshu. Just then, Tihm jumped in front of the beam as a super saiyan and took the whole thing.

Tihm fell to the ground, now with a hole in his chest. Morshu was about to tell Tihm that he had failed him, but Tihm seemed to tell what he was going to say.

“No, you didn’t. Your time is yet to come. I can tell you’re made for something greater. Go on, defeat the mystic king. Maybe then you’ll…”

And he never got to finish the sentence.

Instead of feeling angry, Tihm’s final words made Morshu feel empowered. He stood up, faced the mystic king and shouted “KAIOKEN X10!”


Morshu powered up far beyond his limit and flew up into the sky, ready to use one of his most devastating attacks. He created a giant ball of energy, a beam waiting to fire, and shouted “FALCON MMMMM!” Basically the force of him shouting ‘FALCON MMMMM!’ propels the attack faster than he could ever fire it, so it does more damage. Stupid, I know, but the original was literally him firing WORDS! The beam nearly hit the mystic king, but he put his hands out to stop it. He couldn’t hold it, however, and it was about to destroy him. Then he goes full power, and can hold it easily. He cups his hands and makes it go upwards. Morshu thinks he’s trying to make it hit him, but then he sends it downwards, into Tihm’s corpse.

[music stops]

“There’s the burial you deserve!” The mystic king laughs. “As for all of you…”

The mystic king prepares his ultimate attack, dinner. They all know it will kill them all, but there’s nothing they can do. At the last second, Morshu goes kaioken x11, hoping to take the whole blast and let the others live, but instead it only allows HIM to survive, and the others are absorbed.

Morshu looks upon the bloodshed, only to find nothing, and that enrages him even more.


“You, whatever creature you are. You steal my best friend’s body, you kill my master and destroy his body with my own attack, you murder millions of innocent people to get a good feeling and you slaughter everyone I care for… you… YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!!”

Suddenly, Morshu begins to emit insane energy, blowing up the wasteland dinner created. He begins to glow gold as his eyes turn blue. His hair bunches up into spikes, which also turn gold. He regains his power and realises he has much more of it.

He has turned super saiyan.

“What the hell? Your power level has increased 100-fold!”

Morshu charges up an energy beam, as the mystic king charges his dinner blaster.

“EAT SHIT” Morshu shouts as he fires the beam through both the blast and the dinner blaster itself.

The mystic king is surprised at this turn of events and flies into SS1 Morshu.

They begin to brawl, with Morshu being clearly stronger, and the mystic king running out of stamina fast.

“Where-where did you get all this power from?”


Eventually, Morshu manages to stun the mystic king, and then hits him with a golden bomb. The golden bomb gets rid of his paralysis, but he is seriously injured.

“Enough of this!” he shouts as he begins to chant something.

“FALLING METEOR!” he shouts, sending a meteor the size of the moon at earth.

Morshu begins to charge up a new attack he was working on, a very powerful energy beam that can be up to double the power of the user.

“KA-ME-HA-ME-MMMMM!” Morshu fires the kamehameMMMMM at the meteor, propelling it first back into space, but then he changes the shape of the blast to send the meteor down on the mystic king. The kamehameMMMMM goes through the meteor and hits the mystic king, obliterating him like he did to Tihm.

[music stops]

All the millions of souls go back into their bodies, all wondering how they’re still alive. But once all the souls have left, Morshu notices a body where the mystic king used to be.

When he looks, he sees the body of his old teacher, king harkinan. Morshu can sense his spirit inside the body, but the body itself is crippled. Morshu calls for help immediately, and the king is taken to the greatest hospital on hyrule.

“Damn, he defeated my puppet…….hmm…..”

Chapter 7: Weegee's revenge part 1

After the defeat of the evil king, we see the massive face from the king’s dream, still covered in shadows. It looks over the galaxy with terrifying, piercing red eyes. It sees a solar system not too far from hyrule’s known as the good egg solar system, and notices a slightly taller gay luigi trapped inside a massive house. It appears before the luigi and tells him he can help him escape. He directs him to a path that will end in his death. It works, the luigi is killed, and the shadowy head turns his body into Weegee, now stronger than the much weaker Weegee from before. He also finds a Malleo-like creature and a giant Yoshi and transforms them as well. He tells them to use launch stars to get to the system which hyrule is in, seeing as it’s 10 light years away and they can only travel up to around 1 000 000mph. by using launch stars, they arrive in less than an hour. These minions remember their previous lives, they know their enemies. This actually takes place 2 years after the evil king. Technology has advanced from 1960 level to 1961, and many of the heroes have grown insanely powerful. Link now has a power level of 200 000, Morshu has a power of 500 000 (as well as a super saiyan form with a 100x multiplier) and the king has reached 1 000 000. The 1st people they meet are Walleo and WaWeegee, who have nearly doubled in strength, becoming as strong as the weaker versions of Malleo and Weegee. Unfortunately, this is nowhere near enough. Malleo wrecks Walleo and Weegee owns WaWeegee. Malleo charged a beam at Walleo andhe activates his new “teleportation” skill (really just allows him to move at the speed of light) and WaWeegee escapes the 2 after they combine forces. He crashes into the king’s castle, telling the king that the demon he defeated 2 years ago has returned along with 2 others , one of which he couldn’t see.

Link agrees to go, as he now has the full triforce. With it he can boost his power level up to 500 000 in his base form. The king refuses, and Link agrees not to go and just goes back to his room.

…before bringing Lanik in and telling him not make any noise until the king finds him, and flying off in the direction WaWeegee came crashing from.

Link meets Weegee in the centre of a cumulous nimbus (Link’s end-of-DB level and Weegee’s as strong as vegeta when he first came to earth. They can survive fine.) And Weegee congratulates Link on being the 1st to throw his life away, and Link just smiles a knowing smile. Weegee, annoyed, charged up a death stare as Link pulls out the master shield. To the surprise of no one (including Lanik, it’s so obvious) the beam goes straight through the “unbreakable” shield and kills Link. Weegee slow claps and begins to walk away when a bright light comes from behind him.


The 3 pieces of the triforce come together and revive Link. He begins to flash bright gold and when the bright light fades Link is clad in golden armor, with a golden true master sword. (Link to the past.) Weegee decides to fire another death beam to finish him off, but it does minimal damage to Link. Weegee then prepares his mystic stare, which is almost as powerful as his overlimit. Link knows the attack will be deadly, so he pulls out his level 1 reflect shield. (Basically a mirror shield that absorbs energy then fires it back at the opponent.) Weegee fires the mystic stare, and at first it does nothing, it just gets reflected back at Weegee, who is immune to his own attacks. He ups the ante, but it just gets reflected back as well. He shouts “DIE!” and fires a massive green beam, which breaks the reflect shield, however does little damage to Link because the shield absorbed most of it. Link brings out the great fairy sword (which is very powerful, second best sword in majora’s mask.) and performs cutlass fury, hitting Weegee many times with both swords and performing sword combos. Weegee tries to dodge, but isn’t fast enough. Link then combines the 2 swords into one and throws them down on Weegee together, like Link nukem’s armour breaker. The attack deals massive damage, and Weegee activated his instant healing, but Link is one step ahead of Weegee, sealing the ability with the triforce before he can even use it. Annoyed, Weegee performs his “stare” on Link, but it has no effect. Weegee then tries to prepare for his overlimit, but Link nukem seals him inside the triforce of wisdom before he can do anything. He then uses the triforce of courage to enter the seal, and the triforce of power to do a devastating combo. Weegee is now on his last legs, but his overlimit is ready. He charges up his “giant death ball”, knowing that if Link couldn’t take the mystic stare he couldn’t kae this. What he DIDN’T know was that Link was suppressing himself to 12% the whole time and even still was overpowering Weegee. He goes full power and flies right through the giant death ball taking no damage whatsoever. Once out of the death ball he strikes his golden true master sword right through Weegee, killing him.

[music stops]

Weegee falls apart, and Link leaves to deliver the news it’s all okay.

Malleo and Yushee then enter the cloud, apparently watching the whole time, and begin to use an ancient spell.

Weegee’s broken pieces merge into one huge ball of matter, which is struck with thousands of bolts of lightning, before the ball of matter shaped itself into Weegee, but his aura seemed much more dangerous.

He had been revived. He had been revived far more powerful than he was before.

Chapter 8: Weegee's revenge part 2

NOTE: whenever there isn’t music listed that doesn’t mean it’s silent, it just means I don’t have a particular track in mind, so you can fill in the gaps with whatever you want.

NOTE #2: if If you see [music stops], that does NOT mean there’s no music after that; it just means the previous music track has stopped. You can fill the rest in with whatever you want. If you see [all music stops] that means it’s quiet until you either see a new music track or [miscellaneous music continues].

NOTE #3: I’d also recommend you put the songs on loop, some of them are really short and some of them stick around for a while.

Link returns to the castle, saying it’s safe, Weegee’s dead. The king tells him not to joke about such a serious matter, but Link tells him it’s true! He used the triforce to defeat him. The king jokes saying “pics or it didn’t happen” to which Link responds by giving him a video camera he had on him the whole time.

The king can’t believe what he was seeing, Link was so strong. Just then, Weegee comes flying down on to the castle, destroying it entirely.

The king and Link are left injured in the crater but Morshu thinks fast and goes super Saiyan and attacks the Weegee brothers head-on.

Yushee goes first, sticking his tongue out to eat Morshu, but Morshu grabs hold of his tongue before flying down to attack. Yushee tries to react but is too slow and gets hit by Morshu, who then grabs his tongue again and tries to pull it off. Despite clearly being stronger than Yushee, he is unable to pull the tongue off before Malleo attacks, sending Morshu flying. Back in the crater, the king tells Link he’s been training very hard the past 3 months, and he’s unlocked a new form. It drains energy like nothing else though so he can’t always use it. But once he sees Malleo attacking Morshu he decides to transform anyway. We don’t see the transformation; we just see the outline of what appears to be a very buff king.

Malleo flies over to attack Morshu, noticing he is stronger than his opponent. Before he can get a chance to hit Morshu, a powerful blast comes from behind, and he turns around to see the mega king. (He’s literally just the majin king but without the M, because mega literally means demon man.) Malleo goes to attack him, but is knocked down with no effort. Mega king easily overpowers both Malleo and Yushee, even being able to keep up with them when they combine forces. (He’s not twice Malleo’s power, far from it. He’s 66.67% stronger than Malleo; Yushee is just super weak compared to them. (Still could snap the mystic king in half.))

After being beaten, Malleo calls out “a little help?” and revived Weegee comes out to play. Mega king tries to attack, but Weegee actually begins to overpower him easily, being as his new body is over twice as strong as the previous one, who was still stronger than Malleo and Yushee. Link, seeing this, transforms into his Triforced form and knocks Weegee away. He then goes to Malleo and Yushee, who are overpowering Morshu easily. He swings at Malleo, but before he can attack Yushee grabs his golden true master sword with his tongue (going to shorten it to “master sword” in future, but Triforced Link is always using it.) Link tries to break it free but can’t, so he pulls out the great fairy sword and cuts Yushee’s tongue off before performing cutlass fury on him, crippling him. (Triforced Link is over 20x Yushee’s power level.) He then goes to Malleo and performs many swords slashes with his master sword, doing almost as much damage to him as he did to Yushee. Weegee gets up using his healing attack and charges at Link; who cuts his arm off before he can do anything, and then gives Weegee the same treatment as Malleo, only worse, putting Weegee in even worse condition than Malleo.

Suddenly, everything went dark for Weegee, and he saw the massive head again, in front of him. “I want to see your madness.” The head whispered.


The shadows cleared, revealing the head to be a massive, terrifying head of Weegee, covered in blood and wounds, like he had just committed genocide on 100 billion races.

Picture of him (Made by Maxim): 9a0aa62527fc8489a37c1ace378a3f60.png

His red eyes stared at Weegee as he grabbed him with a massive hand and said “I will give you a taste of your original power.” Before his eyes began to glow red. Ultimate Weegee phased back into reality, only he was fully healed and looked hyper-realistic, like an old 3D man. Link noticed the change in power and went to attack, but before he could Weegee punched his stomach, breaking his spine in the process. Link fell to the ground as Weegee flew at him and crushed him, leaving a massive crater before throwing him back up into the air and kicking his chest. Link’s breathing stopped for a second, but before he could even get his breath back Weegee hit him from behind, sending him falling to the ground. Weegee caught him before he hit the ground and then kicked him into a mountain side. Link tried to attack with his sword, but Weegee literally bit the end off, before breaking the sword by clenching his fist around it. Link asked what the hell he was, and Weegee just responded by saying “Weegee.” Link shouted “You BASTAAARD!” and flew at him. Weegee dodged his attack and knocked him to the ground. Mega king and Morshu were powerless to do anything but watch as this was happening. He picked Link up and began to repeatedly punch him in the face, turning his face into a bloody mess. His nose was long since broken and the punches were grinding it into his face. His lips were destroyed as well; his eyes and mouth the only things standing. Eventually, Link’s skull gave in and part of it his his brain, knocking Link out cold. Weegee flew into the air and charged up a massive beam and fired it at Link. As the beam was fired Weegee went back into the void with TBWH, who removed his hand from Weegee.

“You’ve had enough fun, now achieve that power for yourself.”

[music stops]

Weegee looked down, expecting to see a dead Link, but instead saw an injured one. What happened was the triforce automatically surrounded Link in a shield, protecting him form the beam. It used up all of the triforce’s energy, so Link was back in his base form. Weegee moved in to kill the Hylian, but a powerful ball of energy hit him first. It was Walleo and WaWeegee were there, ready to attack. Even their combined power only seemed to push him back. They stood their ground, however, ready to fight. They both attacked from different sides but Weegee stopped them with one hand each. They both jumped back, and charged together, but Weegee charged into them and easily overpowered both at the same time. Confused at how powerful he is, Walleo pulls out his scouter and measures his power level…


Recorded name: Weegee

Power level: 150 000 000 (150 million)


As he reads it Weegee punches through his scouter, destroying his eye as well before he even gets the chance to screm in a girly fashion. (As Walleo does.) WaWeegee tells Walleo to grab Link and use his lightspeed technique to run away and heal them both. He’ll hold off Weegee until Morshu and Mega king arrive. Walleo agrees and escapes. WaWeegee tries to fight Weegee, but he stands no chance, he just gets knocked to the ground. He tries to retaliate, but it’s useless. Weegee begins to beat him up, and mega king and Morshu run over to help him. Before they can, Yushee and Malleo get in the way. They begin a battle, Morshu taking Yushee and mega king taking Malleo. Morshu is once again able to outmatch Yushee, even easier seeing as he knows Yushee’s techniques. Malleo stands no chance against against mega king once again, and continues to get beat up. He tries to fire the super-heated fire he hit Walleo with in the king’s dream, though it does nothing to his armour and only slightly burns his face. He charges at Malleo, who goes flying. He comes back, ready to attack, but mega king knocks him down again. The 2 are doing well against their opponents until they notice WaWeegee getting pummelled by Weegee. Weegee knocks the injured WaWeegee down and fires a large blast at him, but before it can hit, a burger hits the blast, cancelling both out. Mega king appears and challenges Weegee, telling him he is his real target. Weegee notices mega king is far stronger than all of his allies, as well as Weegee’s. He also notices mega king may stand a chance against him, so he and mega king ascend into the sky.

WaWeegee uses his healing technique to heal the worst of his wounds and goes to help Morshu, who was now fighting both Malleo and Yushee. Being weaker, WaWeegee took Yushee, who he could normally beat, but he was fatigued and still slightly injured, so they were around equal. WaWeegee fired a powerful beam but Yushee ate it and fired it back at him, injuring him. WaWeegee then charged up more energy and created a physical shell to put it in, making a sword. He swung it at Yushee but he just ate it whole. WaWeegee, remembering he was stronger than Yushee, had an idea. He charged up an energy beam too powerful for Yushee to handle, but Yushee just ate the 1st half and fired it at the 2nd half, cancelling the 2 pieces out. WaWeegee knew that external attacks are out of the question, and meelee was the only way forward, which was not good, seeing as he was fatigued. Morshu charged at Malleo, who blocked it. Morshu began to physically attack Malleo, who was able to deflect most of it, but was still impressed with his power. Morshu fired a beam that Malleo tried to catch, but was unable to, and instead had to fire his own beam back. The beam tore through Morshu’s with no problem, and Morshu dodged. Malleo was impressed at his skills nonetheless, and decided to power up. He began to gather up strange orange energy from around the world and absorbs it. His overalls turn white and his undershirt turns red. He fires a massive blast of fire at Morshu, who barely dodges. Malleo begins to constantly fire as Morshu tries to dodge each one. One of them just BARELY misses, lighting one of the spikes of his hair. Morshu tears the hair out and stomps on it, as Malleo hits him with one dead-on. Mroshu is stuck on the ground as he tries to put the fire out as WaWeegee and Yushee continue fighting. Despite being stronger, Yushee is beginning to gain advantage, WaWeegee has become very fatigued and Yushee has as well, but not as much. Yushee is focusing all his energy on dodging, saving as much power as he can until WaWeegee is too fatigued to counter-act his attacks.

Meanwhile, mega king begins to attack Weegee, but Weegee continues to dodge anything he does. Mega king, realizing Weegee is far stronger than he thought, goes full power. His armour begins to glow white as he starts to wail on Weegee, giving him everything he’s got. Weegee is mildly hurt, and mega king then fires a bunch of stuff from his dinner blaster which knocks Weegee back. Weegee is confused by his strength, but knows that he won’t be able to keep up with him anyway. He kicks the mega king, however it does minimal damage to his armour.  He punches him in the face, which does significant damage, and charges up a mega punch. Mega king is swift, however, and dodges it, but, being as he’s below Weegee, Weegee sends his foot into his face. Weegee fires a blast at him which he cannot combat, and falls to the ground. He flies back up, but cannot find Weegee at all. Just before he begins to look Weegee rams into him from behind, sending him flying. Weegee arrives before mega king gets his bearings and delivers a mega punch to his face. Mega king is shocked at this power and prepares his “dinner” technique, which could easily take Weegee out. Weegee senses the attack will be dangerous however and surrounds himself in a protective field. The king activates dinner, destroying everything in the ionosphere, as well as Weegee’s protective field, however Weegee himself is unharmed. He begins his rapid fire technique, which does good damage to the king’s face, but not his armour. The mega king’s armour begins to glow white once more and he fires a massive blast of food at Weegee, who counters with a beam. The 2 hit, and Weegee’s beam rushes through and sends the king into a mountain.

Morshu is getting pummelled by Malleo after he was set on fire, very powerful fire, in the hundreds of thousands of degrees. Malleo knocks him to the ground and charges up a MASSIVE fireball the size of a 5-story building to kill him with, when a bright light appears on the moon. In 1.2 seconds, suddenly it crashes into the fireball and destroys it, creating an earthquake even the mega king and Weegee feel. Where the fireball was stands Walleo and Link, the latter of whom is fully healed and in his base form. Morshu tells him to go into his Triforced form, but Link says he can’t use the triforce for some reason. (It used up its entire energy supply shielding Link, so it needs to recharge.) With the extra fighter (Walleo) the fight is easier. Walleo and WaWeegee go after Malleo, and with their combined powers will be able to match him, while Morshu beats up Yushee. Yushee, of course, has been saving energy, so he can match SS1 Morshu in terms of power; however Morshu is still faster so he would still win. The 3 charge at their targets and the battle commences

Mega king gets up and charges at Weegee, who dodges. Weegee flies at mega king and head-butts him as a distraction before firing a beam at him. Mega king is hit by the beam and is powerless as Weegee appears behind him and performs infinite punches, crippling Mega king’s armour and seriously injuring mega king. His armour turns blue as he falls to the ground. Seeing this, Weegee flies at the others, who are beating their opponents. He kicks Morshu out of the way and fires a huge ball of dark energy, seriously injuring him. Walleo and WaWeegee attack Weegee, but still don’t stand a chance, leaving Morshu to deal with Malleo and Yushee. Link, watching by the side lines, tries to re-activate his Triforced form, but it still doesn’t work. He got closer to it than last time, however, meaning it’s recharging. Morshu tries a technique Tihm taught him called “solar flare” on Malleo, blinding him. He then goes for Yushee, who is weaker than him. Yushee tries to grab Morshu with his tongue but it doesn’t work, as Morshu grabs his tongue and pulls it out. Tongue less, Yushee turns around and fires an attack called “over 9 000 eggs” out his ass. This seriously injures Morshu, sending him flying back, but also hurts Weegee, giving the Walleo bros a chance to attack. They charge up a beam and fire it, but it does almost no damage. And Weegee activates rapid fire, which seriously hurts both of them.

Morshu falls to the ground after the attack, crippled. It wasn’t just the attack though, he felt like his whole body was shutting down. Everything was turning into pain, like he was dying of an unknown cause. He didn’t know what was happening, but he could barely move. Then he remembered: the ball of dark energy Weegee fired at him! It must be slowly shutting him down. He just couldn’t do anything, and the pain was getting worse. He was dying. He felt his heart slowing, as his vision began to fade…

The last thing he saw before his death was a little yellow fairy, just flying into view. It wasn’t like the humanoid fairies of insane power; it was a little circle of magic with wings. Morshu smiled at the fairy, a nice thing to see before his end. Suddenly, the fairy flew up into the sky and did a sort of whistle. Then, hundreds of fairies of all different colours come flying out from a forest behind him, it was beautiful. They all formed a ball around the fairy he saw and transformed into a giant naked woman covered in vines. The great fairy of courage. It smiled upon him and then started to break down, all the fairies pouring out of it and into Morshu. Suddenly, Morshu was filled with insane energy. He had no idea what was happening, but it was insane energy. His aura became incredibly gold, and his hair spiked up and grew slightly longer. Energy was flickering all around him, like tiny lightning bolts. His power had tripled, he was equal with Weegee. His power rose so fast he didn’t notice one of the fairies had not sacrificed themselves for Morshu, but instead ran away. The fairy was not like the others. It was the same shape, but a different colour. It wasn’t yellow, or pink, or green, or even purple…

This fairy was blue.

He flew at Yushee and Malleo hitting them both with a fist each. They flew backward, injured, and they knew it was a force to be reckoned with. They had no idea how he became that strong, but it wasn’t good. A voice called out to Malleo saying Yushee had another technique that he could use to defeat this new threat, but Yushee was unable to use it with his current power and had to be pushed.

[I kid you not, I was stuck on this part for 5 DAYS! 5! Eventually I just decided to say “screw it, I’m done.” Basically Yushee has a hidden ability that makes him grow and he unlocks it or something or he had it the whole time but it uses loads of energy or whatever, he grows huge.]

Yushee begins to rise, still growing, until he’s literally 10 stories tall. His claws and teeth have expanded massively, even more so than the rest of his body. He lets out a Godzilla roar (yes, the very same) and charges at Morshu.Morshu gets in a defensive position, trying to hold Yushee like a barrier. The only problem is Yushee’s strength had exceeded his own, and he was struggling to keep hold. He felt like there was another part of his power he just hadn’t unlocked yet, but he couldn’t access it. Malleo went for the injured mega king, ready to finish him off. Mario began puching the injured mega king, and though he was doing VERY little damage, he was slowly killing the king, punch by punch…

Back on the side lines, Link watches in horror as Morshu barely manages to hold the massive beast, Walleo and WaWeegee get pummelled by Weegee and Malleo slowly kills the mega king. Then, he felt a strange glowing feeling inside of him. Link knew what this was, he felt it before when he 1st absorbed the triforce. Brought out all 3 trifroce pieces and began to power up…


Triforced Link charged up a skyward strike and flew at Malleo, finally swinging his sword when he hit him, dealing massive damage. He poured multiple healing potions over the mega king, getting him back into full health. He then saw a little blue fairy, the same one who helped him throughout his adventured through Koridai; Navi. Link smiled at Navi, and Navi did all she could to smile back. Link couldn’t see it, seeing as she’s a ball of blue light, but Navi began crying. She said “thank you” and flew off, into Morshu, finally unlocking the full strength of the super Saiyan 2 from within him. His power was now 10 times as strong as a regular super Saiyan, far stronger than Yushee. Morshu began to beat up the massive monster as Link flew towards Malleo and threw him into a mountain, before hitting the mountain from behind, causing it to fall into Malleo. Walleo and WaWeegee were knocked to the ground, injured as Weegee began to charge up a very powerful beam. He ifred it just as Link jumped in front of the 2 and pulled out the level 2 reflect shield, reflecting the beam back at Weegee with no trouble. Annoyed, Weegee flew at Link and hit his face dead on with a punch, but it did nothing. Weegee then began to ready infinite punches, and Link, being Link, let him do it. He hit Link with as many punches as he hit the mega king, but not even a SCRATCH  was brought on to Link. He kicked Weegee through the air hard enough to where he would stop right over the mountain Malleo was buried in. Triforced Link then came from above, hitting him with the side of his sword, breaking his back and knocking through the mountain onto Malleo. Link then picked up another mountain and dropped it on top of the other one.

TBWH contacted Weegee again. “If we can get all 3 of you together you can fuse into an unstoppable being, we just need Yushee.”

Morshu was kicking the ass of the green dinosaur and then got in a huge punch and knocked him to the ground. He began to charge up “falcon MMMMM” and fired it, and though it seemed to work at first, Yushee wasn’t dying, his defence was too good. Then, Link came in and raised his sword lie he was going to do a skyward strike but instead shouted “DRAGON SLASH!” Which is just the dimension slash, but really powerful. It cut through the falcon MMMMM and hit Yushee, who couldn’t take the blast and was obliterated entirely.

[music stops]

“NO!” TBWH shouted. “That boy. THAT BOY! I will make him BURN!”

TBWH began to share his anger and power with Weegee as he begins to power up.


Weegee exploded with power, destroying both mountains he was buried on. He released a considerable amount of Ultimate energy upon transforming, turning the sky pink, the ground red, and making Malleo skin coloured with hyper-realistic details. (Not 3D though.) Link looked at Weegee and recognised him as being in the same form as he was earlier, but Link could tell that that was just a taste of his real power, the power he’s displaying here. Walleo tried to read his power level, but on the 1st little spark of his power it registered, it blew up. Walleo screamed and activated his light-speed travel, and Ultimate Weegee was hot on his trail. He was behind him for a little bit, both of them going light speed, until Ultimate Weegee went full power and he disappeared, only appearing as flickers of green light once in a while. He caught up to Walleo quickly and on 1st touch he obliterated him, filling the void around them with blood and organs. Weegee returned to earth and powered down, and WaWeegee saw the newly-placed blood on him, blood that had come from his partner. WaWeegee didn’t know how to react; he was stuck, mixed with pure hatred and utter terror. Eventually, he just gave in and screamed, releasing all of the energy he could, firing a massive beam accidently into space, flying through the moon, blowing it up, and onto Mars, ending it as well. He actually survived his rage, and his power had risen to Weegee’s prior to his tansformation. His aura was a brilliant purple, and his fear had gone, all that was left now was the anger.

Picture of him (made by Maxim): this_is_what_oy.png

He flew towards Weegee, grabbed him, and initiated self-destruct. WaWeegee’s final explosion would’ve been powerful enough to destroy Jupiter if the was standing on it. Ultimate Weegee knew that the explosion wouldn’t even do a tiny speck of damamge ot ihm, but he didn’t want to give WaWeegee the satisfaction of a heroic death, so his eyes began to glow as he vaporised WaWeegee. Weegee powered down, suppressing himself now that he knew the strength of his opponents compared to him. His eyes set on Link. “YOU!” he shouted before running at him. Link swung his sword but it did nothing, just broke on contact. Triforced Link prepared a powerful punch with his right hand, but when his fist hit Weegee it just destroyed his arm, breaking it in half. He tried to attack with his left fist, but Weegee grabbed his left arm and crushed it just by squeezing his fist together. Weegee punched the armless Link into a mountain before knocking him into another one after that. Malleo watched, incredibly surprised at Weegee’s strength as he batted Link form mountain to mountain. Once he was done, he kicked Link into a massive mountain range on the other side of Hyrule, destroying the whole thing. Weegee picked Link up and told him his story ends here, before charging up a little energy ball and firing it into Link’s face, blowing up the entire thing as tiny pieces of flesh and brains soaked the area.

The king looked on in horror at what had happened to his adopted son, remembering all the times they had spent together, Link’s training, his adventures, and now he’s finally gone.

“My boy…”

“YOU!” The king screamed at powered up, releasing as massive amount of energy. His armour began to glow red as he flew towards Weegee. Due to not expecting it, when the king hit his eye, Weegee actually took damage. Mega king had gone far beyond even Triforced Link. Weegee instantly healed himself and the king punched him again, but it did no damage. He tired a 3rd time, this time with more force, but Weegee just bit his hand off. Shocked, the king backed up and began firing flack out of his dinner blaster. It did no damage to Weegee so he followed it up with a giant burger, which also did nothing. Weegee then kicked mega king, literally kicking him into space. Weegee appeared behind him with his super spped (while suppressed he’s around half the speed of light.) and kicked him into Venus. The whole planet exploded and mega king was seriously injured, but Weegee kept going. He kicked him back down to earth, leaving Malleo to deal with him. Malleo was about to attack him when Morshu came flying in shouting “YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE!” and knocked Malleo into orbit. Weegee appeared, saved Malleo and kicked Morshu out into space. The kick was powerful enough to both knock the super Saiyan 2 out of him and knock him unconscious. Without his super Saiyan ability he couldn’t breathe in space, however then something amazing happened. Hylia commanded the triforce to form a shield around Mroshu, giving him air as the triforce slowly healed him. Malleo flew back down to earth to see the king get back up again. His right hand was gone and his back was in very critical condition, but he was still ready to fight. He grabbed his dinner blaste,r but before he could do anything Weegee rammed through the dinner blaster, destroying it before kicking him back into space. He fell onto Jupiter as Weegee appeared and kicked him into Geynemede before ground-pounding him into Jupiter, breaking his spine. He fell on to the “surface” of Jupiter as he began to sink into it. Weegee fired a huge blast, destroying the planet all together and leaving mega king even further crippled. Weegee brought Malleo to the scene as he attacked the crippled king by ramming into him and firing a massive blast of fire, made stronger by the ultimate energy he absorbed. The king tried 1 last attack, firing a weak beam at Malleo, but Weegee got in the way and fired a much stronger beam through it, destroying his arm as well. He then ripped off his left arm and shoved it through his chest, before deploying many punches and kicks, crippling him further. He fired a huge blast at him, sealing his doom.

Mega king knew his end was near, but he had one last shot left. Malleo came flying at him to finish him off, just as he shouted “FINAL BOUT!” and activated his dying power. A massive, opaque red aura surrounded him as he easily flicked Malleo back. Weegee laughed, knowing he was far stronger. Just then, mega king rushe over and grabbed Weegee by the neck and began to strangle him, there was nothing he could do.

“You’re not using full power” Malleo shouted. “Go 100%, you’re stronger than him then!”

“I can’t….activate….the energy..!” Weegee tried to reply.

(The reason he can’t go full power is because mega king’s grip is too powerful for him to do anything, he only has the power he had previously.)

Malleo had no idea what to do; there was nothing he COULD do. He looked around at the black void, slightly tinted a tiny bit of pink thanks to the ultimate energy. That’s it! The ultimate energy! Malleo began the technique he used earlier of gathering up energy, but was gathering up all of the ultimate energy released, including all of the energy that was placed inside him. He gathered it all up into an object in his hand, which he turned into a very odd shape and shouted “FIRE FLOWER!”

[music stops]

The fire flower hit mega king and vaporised him, leaving Weegee free. He had used too much energy, however, and had to power down to his normal form. But as far as they were aware, all of the heroes were gone.

The only hero actually left, Morshu, was finally healed as he woke up. He turned super Saiyan immediately as to not suffocate, and looked at his surroundings. He looked and saw a battered mega king strangling Weegee, and he thought they may have a chance. Then he felt energy from all around him being pulled towards Malleo, and then watched as an insanely powerful object flew slowly towards his old teacher. The object hit, and mega king disappeared. Morshu felt Weegee’s power go down as well, but he was still there. Morshu stared at the spot the king was previously, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.


We see Morshu as a young adult, around 20, trying to stand up to a horde of angry Lizalfos and failing dreadfully. Each Lizalfos is far stronger than he is, let alone a whole pack. We see Morshu’s younger brother, a teenager, around 16, is already dead, and Morshu is close behind. Just then, a hand slaps one of the Lizalfos. He begins to defeat each Lizalfos easily; the whole mod combined is match. After they are all incapacitated or have run away, Morshu looks up to see the king of Hyrule standing before him.

“Are you okay?” he asks, before seeing his dead younger brother. “Oh my god, I-I’m so sorry… does he have parents?”

“No, they’ve been gone for years, I think they never wanted children. My dad… he…” Morshu couldn’t bring himself to finish the sentence.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Do you have a house? A job?”

“No, I’ve been living out here for years.”

“Here.” The king held out his hand. “I’ll get you one.”

We see Morshu get hired by Ushrom, who runs the only large shop near the king’s castle. He is a horrible boss, he overcharges customers, he underpays his overworked workers who basically run a massive sweatshop in the back, and due to the lack of competition neither the customers nor the employees can do anything. We see Morshu spend multiple years working for Ushrom and after the 1st few years, he tries to sneak deals past Ushrom for good customers, and for many years it works, but eventually Ushrom catches him and gives him the pink slip. The king, however, gives him the funds to buy a large house to turn into his own shop, and it works. He has a hard time getting it off the ground, but the king pitches in some money every now and then. Eventually he gets it off the ground, gets enough money to expand and overtakes Ushrom’s business. He also begins to train with the king, because the king can tell he’s very powerful. In their first training session, the king builds a brick wall and tells him to knock it down. This is to prove the point that you can’t just jump in to fighting easily, and so after many failed attempts at knocking down the wall, even after the king shows him he can do it easily by breaking the wall with a few chops from his hands, Morshu agrees to take the long route. He begins to learn muscle coordination, hand-to-hand combat tricks and concentration on everything around them. Eventually, Morshu is able to break the brick wall down, at which point the king builds a concrete wall and tells him to knock it down. Mroshu tells him he’s insane, but through practise he learns to do it. Meanwhile, his business begins to dwarf Ushrom’s and eventually he buys the building from him. Ushrom asks the king for more funding but the king says yes, once he can think of a good reason he should. Ushrom runs away to gerudo desert, telling the king he’ll be back. He begins to work with Ganon and sets up shop in Gamelon to get money. Morshu was told by the king he was doing amazingly in physical combat, but he needed more. He began to focus on teaching him about ki, but it was difficult because at that time he was raising his daughter, Zelda, the next in line for the throne.

One day, the king and Morshu are at a bar late at night, as a knock on the door is heard. Morshu gets up to open it, and what he finds is a red fairy, the humanoid type, with 2 cots holding twin infants. Tied to both cots were the word “Link” on each. When growing up, one of them could pronounce Link perfectly, but the other could only say “Lanik”, so their names were chosen to be “Link” and “Lanik”. The king adopted them and raised them as his own, and they discovered Lanik had a mental illness, but the king loved him either way. We see Morshu trying to break a steel wall without using any part of his body, just with psychic powers. Eventually, he let out a massive blast of energy, destroying it. The king laughed, saying there were no psychic powers but Morshu was not concentrating as hard normally.

We see Morshu helping the king with Link’s training, as he tries to hold the sword for the 1st time and he can barely stand up straight. Morshu catches him, but them the 2 fall off the balcony. At first the king is worried, but Morshu gets up fine, and Link fell on him, as they all begin to laugh about it. We see Morshu’s shop doing brilliantly as Link becomes stronger than all of them but the king and Morshu masters ki training before he meets Tihm. We then see Morshu, having dreams in the time he was unconscious while floating in space, seeing all the things Weegee did to the king, and Morshu knows now they must’ve been real; it ends with the king activating his dying boost, right before he woke up.

[music stops]

We see Morshu remember the deaths of the Walleo brothers, Link’s cruel beating and demise, as well as the vaporisation of the king, followed by Weegee’s eyes staring into his laughing.

Morshu loses it.

He screams louder than ever before as everything around him is vaporized, save for Weegee and Malleo who are pushed back, and Jupiter which in unharmed. His hair glows as energy pulses around him, before a bright yellow light encompasses everything.

Once Weegee can see again, he is staring face-to-face with a super Saiyan 3, his hair not like normal one, but running all down his back, covering the whole thing, thicker than normal too. Golden energy and electricity circles him at all times. He glares at Weegee as he fires a very weak beam at Malleo, destroying him and going through to obliterate Jupiter. Weegee, terrified, runs for it, but Morshu catches up in no time, and snaps his right arm of before plunging it through his chest.

“SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT!” He shouts, before Weegee tries to run again. Mroshu knocks him over, destroying his balance (vacuum, remember?) and charges up a ball of energy. Weegee hen fires a massive beam at Hyrule, but Morshu flies down to catch it. Weegee is close behind, however and fires a giant death ball the size of the moon at earth.

“Now let’s see how you stop THIS! In 5 minutes that ball will drill through Hyrule and hit the core! The planet will be wiped out!”

“5 minutes is all I need.”

Morshu races down to earth at nearly light speed, getting to the core JUST before the death ball hits. (They were around 4 light minutes from earth, slightly past where Mars used to be.) He jumps in between the death ball and the core and shouts “KA-ME-HA-ME-MMMMM!” Propelling the death ball into space and obliterating it. This was all Weegee’s plan, as now Morshu is away from him. He begins to gather up energy to power up into his ultimate form, but Morshu senses this and collect all the excess KamehameMMMMM energy and puts it into a ball, which he launches at Weegee. It normally would’ve obliterated him, but thanks to the power he had already absorbed, it only did minimal damage, but the transformation was averted. Morshu begins to charge up an insane power in his fist and flies at Weegee, shouting “FALCON MMMMM PUNCH!” the punch hits Weegee, obliterating him and sending each piece across the solar system.


Morshu walks back into Hyrule, bringing the headless and armless body of Link back with him. He tells everyone the disaster has been averted. A huge celebration is begun, the biggest party Hyrule has ever seen. Weegee is gone forever this time, the disaster has been averted. There have been many deaths, notably Gay Luigi, Gwonam, Link and the king, but they made it through. Now the great party begins.

I feel like this would be a good place to end it, seeing as Morshu sticks around instead of flying off.

Chapter 9: Link Nukem

Link woke up, confused by where he was. He looked up and saw a bright pink sky, however it wasn’t really a sky, it was like more land that went up forever. He could see through the land to see more land far away, like this place had no top whatsoever. He even wondered if he was on a solid ground or if there was more below him. At first he was confused, but he began to calm down, like he had seen this all before. He felt more experienced, more powerful, more knowledgeable. He also felt like something about his body was different. He was a bit sturdier, though he seemed the same size and height. His hair felt thicker as well.

“Hmm, what is this place, the Afterlife? I had hoped it would be cooler.” Link almost choked. Was the hell had happened to his voice? It was literally nothing like his normal voice. It was rough, deep, and so seriously casual. It was in his head instead of his previous voice as well, like he had always had it. He, once again, just kind of began to adapt to it, he didn’t feel like the same cocky hero he was before, he felt empowered.

“You’re close, my child. Do not fear; you have been transported to the Godly Realm.” Link turned around, startled by the voice, and saw a tall, beautiful woman glowing blue with light blue hair running down her neck. It had the same quality as Morsgu’s hair when he transformed, however in a different shape and colour. “I am Nayru, owner of the Triforce of Wisdom.” She answered.

A yellow dragon flew around her, smiling knowingly at Link. Link remembered hearing about the Triforce gods long ago. He just kind of ignored them after finding out about Hylia though. “So what’s up with my voice then?” Once again, Link seemed mostly un-phased by MEETING A GOD. “Y-your omnipotence.”

“Well, you see-“

“You got wrecked but Hylia’s really clingy and brought you back to Life and had to give you some pieces of dead heroes to keep you alive.” A voice came from behind, cutting Nayru off. “Sorry, but she takes way too long to explain things.”

It was another woman, this time glowing red. They shared Nayru’s light blue hair, also going down her neck. “I assume you’re Din?”

“No, I’m the Grand Ultimate Force. Of course I am! Who else could I be?!?”

A red dragon flew around Din. “Whoa gal, calm down. He just asked.” The dragon said.

Link seemed to be getting the hang of this whole god thing. “Well, it’s an honour to meet you two, but if I’m back to Life can I go back to hyrule? I don’t even know if all my friends are alive, or if the planet’s eve there!”

“You have the ENTIRE GODLY REALM to explore and you ask when you can go home? You mortals are just like kids. You haven’t even met Farore yet! HEY FARORE! GET IN HERE!” Din called in the other direction.

A beautiful blue dragon flew in, not pleased with Din nor impressed with Link. A glowing green lady followed, landing in the centre of the other 2. I shouldn’t even have to say it, but she has the same hair. “So should we give him the Triforce back and send him to hyrule or what?” She asks. “He’s kind of prickish, he’s met the 3 Triforce gods and he’s just standing there.”

“Heck no!” Link shouts. “It’s amazing that I get to meet some of the strongest beings in the universe!”

Farore rolled her eyes as Nayru began to speak. “Well, you see- we’re not actually anywhere near-“

Din kicked her leg “-as powerful as Hylia!” Din continued in her place. “But other than her we’re pretty much the strongest!”

“Right…” Link says sarcastically. “Not buying it.”

“Look, there’s like a few others almost as strong as Hylia. That’s it. Here, let me show you.”

Link suddenly felt the ground disappear from under him as he fell weightlessly into an observatory room where he looked out upon 4 sections of a floating island; they were on the island, so he could see clearly. He 1st saw a fat lady stomping around shouting at someone, though he couldn’t tell who. Her hair also ran down her neck with Morshu’s qualities, but it was a darker blue.

“That’s the Creation Force.” Farore told him. “She’s in charge of making matter to add to the universe. She’s as happy as can be, though never really looks like it.”

Link looked again and realized she was shouting into a phone, and looked to the right to see a scruffy teenager, grimacing and wearing a black hoodie with the same hair as the woman. He was slumped over in a chair, seemingly trying to make excuses to get out of the call.

“That’s the separation Force. He can control gravity and he’s trying to rip the universe apart, literally separating all matter so the Creation Force doesn’t like him, he’s too powerful for her to stop him. The whole universe would be torn apart if it weren’t for the union Forces. There’s one over there.” Farore pointed to a girl wearing red, Japanese clothes with a black belt wrapped around her waist. Her hair was the same as the other,s though the strands were separated and flowing beautifully and she was actually quite good-looking. She was a bit smaller than Nayru, Farore and Din, slightly taller than Link. She was destroying multiple small wooden structures in some sort of training exercise, she was certainly powerful.

“Wow” was all Link said.

“Yeah,” Farore replied. “Hylia’s pretty cool, isn’t she?

*SHIT THAT’S HYLIA?!?* Link thought.

“What, surprised?” Farore could clearly see from Link’s face. “What did you expect?”

“I dunno, maybe more innocent, like a majestic goddess. There’s even a sculpture of her in Hyrule that looks like that!”

“Well then, I’d say never judge a book by its cover, but your race seems to be too deep down the rabbit hole already.” Din sarcastically spat.

Link looked over at the final section to see an old man with the same blue hair as the others laughing. “That’s the Life Force.” Farore said. “He’s the strongest of the 4 and creates Life.”

Hylia slid over to the observatory, noticing the 3 gods. “Hey Link! Nice hair!” She smiled. Link was confused until Nayru passed him a mirror that seemingly appeared out of thin air. His hair had turned brown, which didn’t surprise him. After waking up from death in a floating pink land with a different voice embedded in his brain and vocal cords before meeting the 3 Triforce gods and finding out Hylia was the exact opposite of what their race had thought for millennia dyed hair is nothing.

“So hylia” Din began “How do you feel knowing your Waifu likes you?”

Hylia slapped Din, sending her flying into the wall “You were saying?”

“Nothing, nothing.” Din said while getting up.

“Well now that Link has seen the strongest gods in the universe he should be pretty proud.” Farore said sarcastically.

“Oh come on.” Din moaned.

“As Din said to Link.” Farore continued.


Hylia looked confused until she heard ‘as Din said’. “Right, Link, I’m just a Force. Those guys, those don’t even QUALIFY! They’re pseudo-Forces, The 2ND LOWEST class of god. There are LOADS of unions Forces out there stopping LOADS of separation Forced from destroying the work of LOADS of Creation Forces who pave the way for LOADS of Life Forces, all overlooked by LOADS of Grand Forces. We’re not super-special.

“I kind of figured it out earlier.” Link replied. “Farore kept slipping up and using plurals.”

Din slapped her forehead. “You’re the worst. You fill a planet with bugs and the ONE chance I get to impress someone you blow it!”

“Why don’t you just act like your dragon? He’s pretty happy!” Farore answered.

“Well you know what? …….You have a good point.” Din sighted.

“Well, Link, there’s some stuff we need to tell you.” Hylia started.

“Yeah, like why am I still alive?”

“Well apparently this is all part of something bigger, and you can’t die now. I can let you live in heaven easily, but to bring you back fully you need to have a working body to hold your soul. There was nothing we could do with what we had left of you, but we had some fragments of long since dead heroes, so we used them to mend your body and soul. Their strength went into your body, and your voice and hair was just a side-affect I guess. Their knowledge went into your subconscious, advancing your heroic progression from cocky and innocent to a wise anti-hero, so you’ll probably be more used to insane situations. Their willpower, hope and sense of justice will have also gone into your soul, so you’re like a new being. Kind of.”

*Something bigger…*Link thought. “Was there anything special abou those soul pieces?”

“Well they were all guys…” Hylia replied.

“NUKEME!” The Life Force screamed.

“Oh god.” Hylia moaned. “WHAT?”





Hylia flew off to continue the argument while Farore, Din and Nayru looked at Link.

“Nukeme?” Link asked.

“It means female.” Nayu answered. “In the language of the gods nukem is male and nukeme is female.”

Suddenly, a bright light filled the observatory as a man with green hair which was in the same shape as the others floated down.

“Hello.” He said. He was quite muscular, and had slightly brown skin. “I’m a Grand Force; I look over this batch as well as a Destruction Force. I can’t stay for long, I’ve been ordered to give you this.” He handed Link a Triforce piece before flying away. The 3 gods were shocked, as they held up the 3 pieces of the Trifroce.

Link didn’t understand how there could be a 4th. He combined the other 3 pieces into the full Trifroce piece and tried to fit it upside down in the middle, but it wouldn’t fit. The piece he had seemed to have no power at all unlike the others, it was just a golden triangle. Hylia returned to see it and said it was “something ‘someone’ had given to the Grand Force, but it didn’t fit with the Trifroce.

“Well, I guess you should be going now.” Hylia said. “It’s been fun talking, enjoy.” A bright light began to form around Link as he was being teleported back to Hyrule.

“WAIT!” He shouted. “What happened to Hyrule? To Weegee? To my dad?” but she never heard as he had already been teleported.


Link appeared in the centre of the remains of a city that Weegee must’ve destroyed. He noticed a pair of cracked sunglasses and picked them up, chuckling for half a second at how odd it was they, of all things survived.

Hyrule castle was right where it was, just like the small city. As he walked through, the people seemed happy, so things must’ve gone well. No one really noticed him, so he didn’t have to deal with any awkward conversations. As he was walking to the castle he saw a poster of the king with angel wings above the words “LONG LIVE THE KING”

Link began to tear up, knowing his father was dead, but his hero fragments allowed him to make it out without shock, especially since his death wasn’t in vein, just like him.

Link knew then that it was Morshu who defeated Weegee, which was pretty impressive. Maybe he absorbed the Trifroce and combined it with that really powerful form he was using, though the Trifroce was with the gods, and now with him.

Link entered the castle and looked in a mirror that was near him at the time. He saw a man torn between satisfaction and total collapse of his whole world. Link stared at the glasses and put them on. Due to it being broken, only the 2nd layer was there, so he could see fine but no one could see his own eyes. Once he put them on he realised how well it fit his new look and said “I’m keeping it.”

He walked up the king’s room and heard crying. He looked through the window and saw Morshu crying, looking at a picture of him, Link and the king. Link wanted to walk in and say something really cool, but then he had a better idea: Say the dumbest thing he could think of to take him by surprise. He tried to think of something there but he couldn’t think of anything dumb enough to be funny, so he decided to just say the dumbest thing that came to mind the instant he opened the door. He turned the handle and…

“Ahh, I love the smell of burnt crap in the morning!”

Morshu jumped and turned around to see Link standing there, but with brown hair and dark shades. He was smiling at Morshu as he failed to understand how he was standing there.

“You can thank the Triforce for this!” Link lied for the sake of simplicity.

Morshu failed to find words; he was just in shock at what he was seeing.

“Link… you’re back… I can’t believe it!” Morshu began to weep at seeing this. Link had died a year yet he’s right there in front of him! “I-is the king…”

“No.” Link frowned. “It’s just me.”

“At least… at least one of you is back.” Morshu smiled. “Welcome home Link.”

“No, I don’t think I should be Link anymore. I mean, I should be, but not JUST Link. Link… something.”

“Link what?” Morshu asked.

“That’s the problem, I don’t know.”

“Something cool; to describe the difference. Link-… Link-…”

Link thought about the change and what happened, and how he is now. Suddenly, it clicked.

“Nukem.” Link said. “Link Nukem.”

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