This is basically only for the 2 people that follow my multiverse, if you don't know anything about it go on to FBK yoshi's wall, I made a "brief sum-up" of it there.

NOTE: This is MY TBWH, not Achille's. He was made to be weaker but actually once we found out what TBWHs power level is; he's actually nearly 10 times as strong as Achile's. He's also not just a head, he has a full body, but he's so big you rarely ever see it.

NOTE #2: As always, all power levels will be in my system.

NOTE #3: Weegee will be spelled "Weegee" without the G capitalized, as this is my weegee.

NOTE #4: I woke up this morning to the lovely sound of a jackhammer tearing through my floor (not the room I was in) and then found that TBWH's files were gone! Don't know what happened to them, but they aren't there. So I have to redo this from scratch with nothing but my memory, which thankfully contains all his information. Please excuse any grammar mistakes, if there is a lot, this is probably why.

NOTE #5: Xstarhaven will be in the dark about a lot of this, seeing as he hasn’t watched Pokemon tournament part 6. Go watch it, mate.

NOTE #6: You’ll notice many references to Achille's videos, like 2 very obvious ones in the 2nd chapter.

Here are his stats:

Name: Unknown (referred to as The Big Weegee Head.)

Type: Unknown (possibly a demon) (I know, but I'm not revealing it yet.)

Power level: 50 octillion

Destructive capability: multi-universe

Speed: Unknown (Fast enough to dodge unified link nukem while the size of multiple galaxies.)

Rank (my system): 4C

I haven't shown my ranking system yet, I'll add that to the power levels wall blog.

I'm not going to do chapter 1 yet, huge spoilers. It’s basically where TBWH actually came from, and I'm saving it for later. Just know that he wasn’t always the chaotic evil being of destruction you know now.

Chapter 2: Defeat

4 000 years before most of my U4 shit, 3 deadly creatures arrived at the Milky Way galaxy. Their names were Weegee, Malleo and Yushee. They each had 2 forms: Their base form and their ultimate form. Their base forms were in the single-digit trillions in terms of power, as they were made for torture. Their ultimate forms were made for pure destruction, and their power levels were in the tens of quadrillions. (These are the strongest weegee's, malleo's and yushee's in the multiverse, they are this strong because TBWH is not contained, so he can feed them insane amounts of power, The ones form never piss link nukem off are screwed, they're in the hundreds of trillions.)

Instead of destroying the Milky Way, TBWH ordered his sentient puppets to go to a certain planet where he sensed a very large power.

On that planet (hyrule), was a legendary hero known as Majora. (This isn't based off the mask, he's based off another zelda character, I know my zelda shit.) Majora held the legendary tetraforce (the correct name for the quadforce), and when using it to its full potential, he could reach a power level of 800 quadrillion. The tetraforce was designed by hylia, but made by the grand ultimate force, hylia was a lower-class god, the trifroce is well within her reach, but not the tetraforce. (The pieces are the tetraforce of creation (middle), separation (bottom left), union (bottom right) and life (top).) The weegee brothers arrived and Majora sensed their insane power, and turned into tetrafroced Majora. (He basically looks like mastered triforced link nukem, only Majora looks nothing like link.) He only went at 75%, because he knew they couldn't keep up. He incapacitated Yushee with a single blast, and as malleo went to punch him he snapped his arm and threw him at weegee, injuring both. TBWH could tell this wasn't going well (no shit) so he activated their 3rd form.

Should his puppets ever engage in battle with someone too strong for them to handle, they can fuse into WeeMalSheeGas, who had a power level of 17 quintillion. Once they transformed, Majora went full power and stared to attack the nightmare amalgamation, throwing many punches and kicks. They were doing nothing, so he started attacking faster and stronger, and then sped up and straightened up again, but nothing was working. WeeMalSheeGas was mostly powerless in their normal form, but they can create other forms for themselves to use their power in. WeeMalSheeGas turned into a grey weegee, who was 3D like ultimate weegee, but not hyper-realistic. He looked almost metallic, actually. He had no eyes, just gaping holes, save for 2 green pupils in the middle. His pupils would turn green, red or blue depending on whose attack it was mimicking at the time, but since weegee was the strongest that was its natural pick. Majora backed up and fired hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny beams at WMSG, but to no avail. WeeMalSheeGas then flew at Majora and punched him. It wasn't a powerful punch, but it wasn't a weak punch, it was just a punch. But WeeMalSheeGas was so powerful that punch crippled him and sent him flying into space.

He flew for millions of light years, far away from the galaxy before friction got the better of him and he stopped. (There's still friction in space, just much less of it, it's almost a perfect vacuum.)

Majora floated, critically injured, possibly going to die, and just floating through space. He thought of how it was only a punch that did this to him, nothing else. Then he made an even more terrifying realisation: That monster was just a puppet, a puppet for something even more powerful.

Just then, a bright light appeared before him. And out of it came a naked male baby, with grey super saiyan hair, only smaller. He looked very wise, almost old (Not really that much, though.) and he had an umbilical cord sticking out of his back that seemed to go up for ever.

"I am the supreme ultimate force of this universe." He said in a calm, soothing voice. "Do not be afraid, I am here to help."

"The being you're fighting is beyond even my power, he must be stopped. If I give you all my power however, you should be able to defeat him."

Majora then was hit with a flow of insane, pure energy. Once it was done, he was fully healed, and the baby was gone. WeeMalSheeGas finally caught up with him and was confused as to how he was in perfect condition. He charged up a powerful beam at Majora, wondering if he had underestimated him. Suddenly Majora's power skyrockets.

"Don't write me off!" He says as he easily deflected the beam. His body has turned white, and he is emitting a powerful white aura.

WeeMalSheeGas responds by saying he is full of surprises and asked him why he persists, and if he sees the futility in fighting him. His pupils turn red and he says "Allow me to teach you the meaning of true power!" before firing a massive barrage of fire flowers at Majora, but not a single one does anything to him, let alone vaporise him. Shocked by this, he charges up a massive fire flower, almost as big as his body with a fiery aura. He shouts "SUPREME FIRE FLOWER!" before firing it. It flies towards Majora and makes a fart sound upon colliding. Majora charges into WeeMalSheeGas, destroying his body. The original WeeMalSheeGas flies out, greatly injured. It creates an identical body and says "FOOL! I will see you BURN!" before his eyes turn blue and he uses Yushee's growing technique. He grows to the size of multiple galaxies and his power doubles. He starts punching Majora with his galaxy-sized fists; however Majora slices his arms in half by just holding his hand at a sharp angle. He regenerates his arms and attacks again, before Majora does it again. He constantly regenerates his arms but Majora slices them all in half without really attacking (WeeMalSheeGas is just hitting the sides of his hands, remember?) Majora tires of this wasted time, and fires a massive beam at him. The beam obliterates both WeeMalSheeGas's body and WeeMalSheeGas itself. The beam keeps going, through billions of galaxies, but they are all unharmed, as tetraforced Majora has complete control over his attacks. Majora calls out to WeeMalSheeGas's master, knowing he will be no match, but instead hopes to trick the master into dooming himself. TBWH appears before Majora an starts to kill him, falling for Majora's trap. Majora calls out to some force beyond the universe, and because of the massive beacon of power that is TBWH, they hear his cries, and open up a portal to a strange portal network.

Majora flies into the portal and TBWH goes after him. Majora realises each portal leads to a different universe, and flies through each universe to find the perfect prison for TBWH. He settles on U18, a universe where the laws of physics don't apply. There is nothing but a black void, and even time doesn't work properly. It WORKS, but it’s like a single moment that can be changed, but when something is changed, it replaces the old thing. He sacrifices the tetraforce, turning it into a seal for TBWH. Because of his insane power, the tetraforce only limits his power to 9 sextillion, far higher than Majoras (370 quintillion) and TBWH can break the seal within a minute, but that's all Majora needs. He calls upon the tortured U4 to give him all of his energy, basically like a universal spirit bomb, but in his sword. (I swear down I came up with this before dragon ball super did it.) All of the energy in U4 totalled to 1 sextillion, and he swung it at TBWH. Even with the tertaforce seal, it didn't even hurt a bit, but thanks to the tetraforce seal it was enough to knock him back into the portal to U18.

Majora closed the portal quickly and collapsed back on to hyrule, as his powers he got from the supreme ultimate force disappeared. He looked up at the stars, which looked a little brighter now, and smiled.

The rest of the universe seemed to feel like something was different, like the torture the uinverse had endured for hundreds of thousands of years was over. They all looked at the Milky Way galaxy, close to some, invisible to others...

And smiled back.

That's it for the 2nd chapter! I'll do the rest of his story later, it's only beginning.

Take THAT paradox!

Let's see if you can count how many pokemon tonament episode 6 refrences there are in this, I put a lot!

Yes, I kind of stole Majora's story form nukem, but I tried to do something original with it.

Also Majora didn’t die; he actually lives for quite a while after this. He even has a son! It doesn’t turn out very well for anyone, but still.

So what did you guys think? I haven't even got to the best part y

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