Here's my "brief sum-up" of my multiverse. It's actually really long because my multiverse is so complicated, butthis IS a super-shortened version.

Let me know if you want me to move this, it's 2/3rds the size of that post you made on the power levels page soo... yeah.

NOTE: The supreme god has 2 names: “God” or “eye of providence”. Both of them work equally, but there are many, many gods so I’ll use the name “eye of providence” to avoid confusion. But he CAN also be called god.

NOTE #2: all power levels will be in my system.

NOTE #3: this multiverse is pretty much a rip off of achille’s but there’s a lot that’s different. Basically 15% of it is just achille’s stuff, 15% is made from scratch, 30% is me trying to improve achille’s stuff and do it differently and the other 30% is based on tiny facts about thing we don’t know much about and me giving my take on it. (For example the link nukem of U4 has a universal prison, but all I knew at the time of creating U4 is that he HAS a universal prison, so it’s quite different. Same with my U1.)

NOTE #4: sometimes you’ll see I spell Weegee “Weegee” and sometimes you’ll see me spell it “WeeGee”. That’s the difference between my Weegee and achille’s WeeGee.

Countless years ago, nothing existed. Then the eye of providence opened its eye, but there was nothing for it to lay its eye on, because nothing existed. Instinctively, it made something for it to look at. But it was chaotic, there was nothing to it, so instinctively, it turned it into something organised. Looking at the universe it created, it slowly soothed it into sentience. It created a puppet to control, and experience the universe it created. The puppet was named link nukeme, and it had a power level of 5 000.

After a few million earth/hyrule years, (their orbit is the same.) he got bored, and gave his puppet sentience. link nukeme’s gender became female, and her power level quickly grew to 9 000.

Over time other life came to the universe. The 1st life had power levels of around 1 200, and power levels later grew and grew. Around the time life reached power levels of 3 500, link nukeme had a power level of 200 000, and had a sword that could pierce with up to 500 000, and a shield that could block up to 1 000 000.

Well over 10^500 years later, (or 150 billion years before most of the events I go into detail about.) the multiverse had expanded. At the time there were 50 multiverses, but the only one that still exists now is U4, which had already existed 7 billion years. And event took place here that made link nukeme and the eye of providence realise they were not alone, but the intruders were not friendly and so link nukeme kept the information to herself and surrounded the multiverse with the unlimited unbreakable, a shield which could resist a blast that could destroy something with infinite defence. (It can block up to infinite+2 basically.)

Universes come and go over time, but it takes a very long time for that to happen. Whenever a universe is destroyed, the numbers are not changed, but the next time a universe is created it takes that number. Every time a universe is created, link nukeme calls on a very high-level god to help create it, the high-level god gives link nukeme all the ideas for the universe (it’s a lot harder than you think, you have to plan out the entire universe, and this one is 160 billion light years wide.) and link nukeme creates the universe. The only universe to have lived from the dawn of time and never be destroyed is U1, the godly universe. It’s basically my guesses as to what the perfect universe was before we knew much about it, and it’s actually very different (other than the main thing of being in the centre and being bigger than all the universes combined.)

Surrounding U1 is the great machine, which is even bigger than U1 itself. It maintains everything in the multiverse gods don’t have time for, and it’s possible the multiverse may have collapsed countless times now if it weren’t for this, which was link nukeme’s 3rd powerful invention. (not her 3rd invention, all the stuff before the sacred shield and goddess sword was basic survival stuff for species.)

Connected to the great machine are 6 realms, which also surround U1. Being as they’re meant to harbour life from across the multiverse, they are much bigger than the universes (barring U1).

(a lot of these aren’t complete, I might fill them in later.)

Here are all 27 universes that exist at the moment:

Next to them I’ll either say whether it was made from scratch (A), based on achille’s stuff but done differently (B) or just one of achille’s universes I added in for the sake of they’re really cool (C).

The technology ratings are as follows:

1 is primal culture

2 is first civilization

3 is medieval

4 is early-modern (invention of guns and stuff)

5 is us right now

6 is futuristic stuff

7 is space travel, getting used to space

8 is basically having space be your home, like being a galactic empire or something

9 is basically ultra-advanced stuff, the greatest ships getting into the hundreds of trillions, their shields even higher.

10 is stuff like time travel and dimension manipluation, insane stuff like that

Achille's 10 is basically 20 on here because they've reach immortality as a species, even the time lord would only be 11 on my scale or 9.75 on Achille's.

Population ratings are as follows (this is for all species that can think clearly):

1 is hundreds of thousands or less

2 is single millions to tens of millions

3 is hundreds of millions to multi-billions

4 is high tens to low hundreds of billions

5 is trillions (So us, this is counting all animals that can think clearly, otherwise it would be in the quadrillions at least.)

6 is multi-trillions (hyrule)

7 is high trillions to low quadrillions

8 is high quadrillions

9 is quintillions

10 is universe-wide domination

U1: the godly universe. (A*)

The biggest universe in the multiverse. At LEAST 1 quintillion light years wide, if not more. There are many planes of being in this universe depending on where you are in it.

Overall alignment: neutral good (it spans from lawful good to chaotic neutral, with lawful good being the most common.)

Population rating: 9999/10

Technology rating: are you fucking kidding me?!?

Notable people:

Link nukeme: 777 septemdecillion (lawful good.)

Other very powerful gods exist in this universe, including dai kamehameha, the teacher and master to U4’s god of destruction. Some of them get in to the nonillions power-level wise, but none of them reach 1 decillion.

*everything in it is original, but the concept itself was based off the perfect universe.

U2: CD-I rangers. (C)

The universe of the CD-I rangers. Not much more to say.

Overall alignment: lawful good (the CD-I rangers conquer pretty much any villain that appears because the average power level of super-dangerous villains is in the hundreds of millions but the CD-I rangers are in the tens to hundreds of billions.

Population: 3/10

Technology rating: 6/10.

Notable people:

Red ranger: 150 billion (lawful good)

Black ranger: 100 billion (lawful good)

Gold ranger: 50 billion (lawful good)

Purple ranger: 45 billion (lawful good)

Yellow ranger: 40 billion (lawful good)

Pedobear: 666 billion (chaotic neutral)

U3: ganon’s empire. (A)

Basically ganon has turned the world into his empire and has become insanely powerful.

Overall alignment: lawful evil.

Population rating: 5/10

Technology rating: 4/10. (they don’t use technology much.)

Notable people:

Almighty emperor ganon: 500 billion (chaotic evil)

West supreme leader lupay: 2 billion (lawful evil)

East supreme leader omfak: 2.4 billion (lawful evil)

Legendary warrior milltron: 3.5 billion (neutral evil) (he is stronger than the supreme leaders, but ranks below them in authority.)

Hectan the dark mage: 1.5 billion (lawful evil)

Harlequin the pound-wise clown: 960 million (neutral evil)

Gleeok the almighty dragon: 900 million (chaotic evil)

Glutko the eater of worlds: 800 million (chaotic evil)

Goronu the witch: 500 million (lawful evil)

Zenon: 1.7 million. (neutral evil) (An underdog ignored by ganon, she’s actually a weaker version overlord zenon. Sometime in the future she will be killed by, and then take over the body of milltron.)

U4: my personal favourite (before I turned this into a multiverse, this was my sole universe.) (B)

This is basically my take on achille’s works as a whole, and because this is supposed to be brief, most of the details will be left out.

Overall alignment: scattered. (hyrule itself is lawful good to chaotic good, the universal prison staff are all lawful good, the monsters are all chaotic evil, except for a few which are lawful and neutral evil.)

Population rating: 5.5/10 for hyrule

Technology rating: 6/10 for hyrule, 9/10 for universal prison.

Notable people:

Hyrule citizens:

Link nukem: 200 million/400 billion/800 trillion/333 sextillion (lawful good)

The king: 2.5 million/250 million/500 billion (lawful good)

Morshu: 1 million/50 million/100 million/1 billion (neutral good)

Mario: 130 000 (lawful good)

Gay luigi: 90 000 (lawful good)

Ganon (power seal): 25 000 (lawful evil)

Harlequin: 14 500 (lawful evil)

Hectan: 15 500 (lawful evil)

Milltron: 18 000 (lawful evil)

Zelda: 50 000/50 billion/50 trillion (lawful good)

Gwonam: 40 thousand

Bowser: 6 000/72 500/10 million (neutral evil)

Scoot: 10 million/10 billion/25 trillion/100 quadrillion/50 octillion (lawful good, creator of the universe.)

Universal prsion huards:

FrankerZ: 1.6 trillion (lawful good)

Kappa: 1.7 trillion (lawful good)

Issac: 1.9 trillion (lawful good)

L33T MLG snipar: 2 trillion (lawful good)

Yellow angel knight: 3 trillion (lawful good)

Green angel knight: 4 trillion (lawful good)

Purple angel knight: 5 trillion (lawful good)

Blue blazer: 6 trillion (lawful good)

Lightbringer: 6.5 trillion (lawful good)

Blue angel knight: 10 trillion (lawful good)

Light blue angel knight (sky): 12 trillion (lawful good)

Orange angel knight (fire): 15 trillion (lawful good)

Golden angel knight: 25 trillion (lawful good)

Red angel knight (power+war): 30 trillion (lawful good)

White angel knight (light): 45 trillion (lawful good)

Angel knight of light: 75 trillion (lawful good)

Lohengramm: 100 trillion (lawful good)

Universal prison inmates:

Enragement child: 1 trillion (chaotic evil)

Crom: 2.4 trillion/6.6 trillion (chaotic evil)

Chara: 2.5 trillion (chaotic evil)

Tails doll: 350 million (chaotic evil)

BEN: 650 billion (chaotic evil)

ZALGO: 10 trillion (chaotic evil)

Shadow queen peach: 550 billion/15 trillion (chaotic evil)

Dark arceus: 30 trillion (chaotic evil)

Lord loss: 216 billion/450 trillion (neutral evil)

Kallin god: 600 billion (chaotic evil)

Satan: 666 billion/70 trillion/235 trillion (chaotic evil)

Weegee: 700 million/2.1 trillion/430 trillion/31.5 quadrillion/1 quintillion (chaotic evil)

Malleo: 600 million/18 billion/1.8 trillion/54 trillion/430 trillion (chaotic evil)

Yushee: 400 million/400 billion (chaotic evil)

TBWH: 300 octillion (chaotic evil)

U5: achille pokemon tournament. (C)

This is basically just that universe, only one difference.

Achille: 10 nonillion (chaotic neutral, creator the universe.) (achille has been downgraded from god of infinite power to high-level god. He’s still insanely powerful, but not AS powerful.)

Goddess of life: 900 octillion (she actually lives in U1, but plays major part in the story of this universe.)

U6: CD-I gunfight (C)

Once again, just like achille’s. Though it also includes gloin’s and my own, which I haven’t even finished the script for, and If I were to turn it into a video, it would be about the same standard of quality as the king kamehameha vs link galick gun.

U7: reverse universe (B)

Basically all the good characters are evil and all the evil characters are good.

Overall alignment: true neutral (half is lawful good, other half is chaotic evil)

Population rating: 3/10 (most people were killed by fierce deity link and the majora king.)

Technology rating: 4/10 (same as ganon’s empire)

Enlightened ganon: 5 billion (lawful good)

Holy fire milltron: 3.5 billion (lawful good)

Lupay: 2 billion (lawful good) (leader of the warewolf protection institution.)

Omfak: 2.4 billion (lawful good) (leaser of the bird protection institution.)

Hectan the priest: 1.5 billion (lawful good)

Harlequin the travelling entertainer: 550 000 (He’s the #1 source of entertainment, he’s a brilliant circus holder+performer+comedian, but he’s very weak because he rarely fights.)

Glutko the chef: 50 million (Strong to the finish ‘cuz he eats his spinach.)

Fierce deity link: 80 billion (chaotic evil)

Majora king: 100 billion (chaotic evil)

U8: the evil king (C)

What do you think?

Overall alignment: chaotic evil

Population rating: 2/10

Technology rating: 2/10

Notable people:

Walleo: 40 million (lawful good)

WaWeegee: 45 million (lawful good)

Mystic king: 100 million (chaotic evil)

U9: skies of CD-I legends (C)


U10: last stand against WeeGee (B)

Basically TBWH took control of Weegee and malleo and filled them with past memories of being his puppets. They then went off to conquer the universe in TBWH’s name.

Overall alignment: chaotic evil

Population rating: 1/10

Technology rating: 0/10

Notable characters:

WeeGalleo: 130 billion/390 trillion (chaotic evil)

U11: the secret game (B)

This takes place long after the secret game, their ships are way better, and there’s also a bunch of my own battles going on between massive battleships.

Overall alignment: scattered.

Population rating: 9/10

Technology rating: 10/10.

Notable people: I might put a list of the most powerful ships here at some point.

U12: link numek’s universe (A)

Basically in this universe link was killed and replaced with lanik, a bunch of shit happened and this guy called link numek appeared who has a complicated backstory. He acts like a hero but he’s really a very evil and powerful human, who’s actually just the assistant of an even more dangerous evil.

Overall alignment: “lawful good” (everyone thinks that of link numek, but he’s really chaotic evil.)

Population rating: 5/10

Technology rating: 6/10.

Notable people:

Link numek: 4.6 trillion/46 trillion (chaotic evil) (he’s the guy in my old avatar.)

The king: 2.5 million (lawful good)

Curothers: 456 million (true neutral) (actually a robot made by link numek.)

Bowser: 250 000/72.5 billion (neutral evil)

Morton SR: 250 000/42.5 billion (neutral evil)

Giygas: tens of quadrillions (chaotic evil)

U13: LSAW alternate ending (C)

Pretty much the same as achille’s.

Overall alignment: chaotic evil

Population rating: 0.5/10

Technology rating: 8/10

Notable people:

Super fire malleo: 600 billion/18 trillion/1.8 quadrillion/54 quadrillion (chaotic evil)

U14: dark link’s universe. (A)

In this universe a very powerful being called “dark link” destroyed all life and became insanely powerful.

Overall alignment: chaotic evil

Population rating: 0/10

Technology rating: 0/10

Notable people:

Dark link: 1 quadrillion/40 quadrillion

U15: CD-I fight episode 3 alternate ending B. (B)

Link was never revived into quadforced link.

Overall alignment: chaotic evil

Population rating: 5/10

Technology rating: 4.5/10

Notable people:

WeeMalSheeGas: 45 trillion (chaotic evil)

U16: mushroom queendom. (C)

Overall alignment: weird

Population rating: 11/10

Technology rating: 6.9/10

Notable people:

The Kink (fat as all hell+drunk) (lawful drunk)

Gay Link (VERY lawful good)

(Morshu is WIP currently)

Drunken Gwonam (worst pilot ever) (chaotic drunk)

Asshole Mario (Tourettes guy) (chaotic lawful)

Buff Luigi (chaotic buff)

Princess bowser (lawful pink)

Gaynon (pinkful neutral)

Queen peachroom (leader of the mushroom queendom) (neutral evil)

PeeWee (Pee-Wee Hermen based Weegee) (true crack)

Super Atomic Malleo (chaotic evil)

U17: CD-I fight alternate ending C. (B) (alternate ending A isn’t on here because that’s what happens in U4)

Basically morshu fails to defeat Weegee, weegee kills him and then goes off to kill all the great heores. All of them are killed except fari, who becomes an immortal hero leading a futile resistance.

Overall alignment: chaotic neutral

Population rating: 2/10.

Technology rating: 3/10.

Notable people:

Super weegee: 700 billion/2.1 quadrillion (chaotic evil)

Fari the legendary warrior: 800 million (lawful good)

U19: bowser’s empire (B)

Less impressive than ganon’s empire, bowser just rules on high with princess peach. This universe is off-limits to everyone else in the multiverse due to a character called “the ultimate.”

Overall alignment: lawful evil

Population rating: 3.5/10. (Now 1/10, most of them have already been killed by the ultimate.)

Technology rating: 3/10. (who needs technology if you’re a giant turtle?

Notable people:

The great king bowser: single-digit billions (neutral evil)

The beautiful queen peach: hundreds of millions (lawful evil)

The ultimate: 700 decillion (chaotic evil) (he’s not from the multiverse.)

U20: CD-I fight alternate ending D (B)

Basically in this ending WeeMlaSheeGas killed everyone except walleo and WaWeegee but then instead of link being resurrected as quadforced link, link, the king and morshu were resurrected together into LinKingMorsen. Seeing this, walleo and WaWeegee used a special technique that makes the fusion stronger, but it’s permanent. The combined power of the 2 fused heores brought down WeeMalSheeGas and have grown ten times stronger.

Overall alignment: lawful good

Population rating: 2/10 (most of them were killed before LinKingMorsen was created.)

Technology rating: 5/10.

Notable people:

LinkKingMorsen: 350 trillion

WaWeeleo: 85 trillion

U21: the mysterious pirate (C)

It’s just the mysterious pirate’s universe. Not much else to say.

Overall alignment: ?

Technology rating: ?

Notable people:

Mysterious: 40 million (lawful good) (He’s the god who designed the universe.)

The guy who moves his head: 7 400 (unknown)

Weegee: 100 000 (unknown)

The king: 8 000 (lawful good)

Morshu: 12 500/14 000 (lawful good)

Ganon: 1 250/12 500/1.25 million (chaotic evil)

U22: OCTOROK!!! (C)

It’s a universe full of octoroks!!!!!

U23: apocalypse universe (A)

Basically ass kicker has grown into a massive Godzilla monster terrorizing hyrule.

Overall alignment: chaotic evil

Population rating: 2.5/10

Technology rating: 5/10

Notable people:

Ass kicker: hundreds of billions (chaotic evil)

U24: forever alone yushee (B)

1 000 years ago a massive battle took place that wipes out all life in the universe, and even TBWH was killed. The only survivor was yushee, who, without his masters orders, was stuck roaming the emty universe. (empty of all life, the universe still exists.)

Overall alignment: true neutral

Population rating: 0/10

Technology rating: 0/10

Notable people:

Super yushee: 4 trillion/4 quadrillion (true neutral)

U25: triforced trio (B)

Link, Zelda and ganon all hold 3 pieces of an insanely powerful triforce, that when put together, is stronger than the quadforce. Each of them are ver, very, powerful because of it.

Overall alignment: chaotic good

Population eating: 4/10

Technology rating: 3/10

Notable people:

He-link: 25 billion/25 quadrillion (lawful good)

Princess Zelda: 3 billion/3 quadrillion (lawful good)

Emperor ganondorf: 2.5 billion/50 quadrillion (lawful evil)

U26: sil L (C)

He’s a very cool youtuber, I recommend you check him out. Since his videos are very cool I thought I’d put his universe in my multiverse.

Overall alignment: ?

Population: ?

Technology rating: 6/10

Notable people:

Sil L: 550 000/310 million/11.37 billion/21.4 octillion/10 nonillion (lawful good)

Weegee: he has loads of f0rms too, so I’m just going to list his weakest and strongest: 3.5 billion/800 octillion

There are quite a few others.

U27: achille pokemon tournament alternate ending. (C)

This is just U13, nothing more.

Notable people:

Dark link nukem: 2 octillion

God of destruction: 6.6 octillion

U28: CD-I the random game (C)

Because why not?

Realms: there are many “realms” in my multiverse, so here’s a list:

These ones are connected to the great machine, and are much bigger than all the universes except U1:

Heaven (where gods bring those who are worthy to live on happily.)

Hell (where gods bring those who should be punished.)

Dream (a land of dreams.)

Nightmare (a land of nightmares.)

Heroes realm (the realm where great heroes go after death.)

(I swear down I came up with this before achille revealed U11.)

Utopia (the perfect land. You will not be brought here, you must reach it.)

The workshop (a massive space where gods can experiment crafting universes. They cannot mess with the fabric of reality, only matter.)

The endless forest (Pretty much the same as the one from pokemon tournament part 6. It has to exist because pokemon tournament part 6 exists in U5, plus I thought it was a cool idea.)

There are also 2 others that aren’t connected to the great machine:

Limbo (circles around the inside of the unlimited unbreakable, propelled by the darkness. It is where things are sent if they are too dangerous to roam the multiverse. It's about the size of a universe.)

Chaos (a hidden, tiny realm the size of a galaxy cluster that ignores the laws of reality, its distortion almost as strong as the darkness. Many gods believe it is a legend; and those who find it either become legends themselves, or never live to tell the tale.)

That’s about it.

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