• Gloin1994

    Working on a new game!

    August 3, 2013 by Gloin1994

    I'm now working on a Beat Em' Up game featuring the CD-I characters! The engine is practically finished and the game works properly. You can jump, punch, kick, grab, block, use magic spells etc. Enemies react how they should (Rogues throw knives at Link and walk backwards to avoid contact with you and normal Goriyas walk forward and charge at you). I plan on adding more enemies, weapons and maybe more characters to play as.

    Download demo:

    Leave the comments and tell me what you think!


    - Added new enemy : Moblin.

    - Added 2nd stage.

    - Added 2nd stage boss : Omfak

    - Added Helicopter Kick and Sweep combos for Link.

    - Bug fixes.

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