[Sounds of the door opening and closing. Footsteps, then sounds of the chair being moved as someone is heard sitting down.]

"Can we ask you questions?"

"Daniel": "Absolutely. I'll add them here over time. Anyways..."

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"Who are you?"

"Daniel": "My demon name has been.... forgotten or lost to time. But just call me Daniel."

"What are you?"

"Daniel": "As stated in the previous question, I'm a demon."

"What is your alignment?"

"Daniel": "True Neutral. I try to be True Neutral as much as I can."

"What are you wearing?"

"Daniel": "Because this isn't a video, I will just state the details. I am wearing a helmet that looks like a black cube with a white diamond outline on the front with a circle inside of it. The circle acts as an eye. I am also wearing a business suit. Black theme, white shirt, red tie."

"Any powers?"

"Daniel": "Omnipotence. And I know you all are gonna say I'm overpowered, but point is: I'm just visiting your universe."

"Are you a fighter?"

"Daniel": "To be honest, I wish to avoid fights as much as possible. It's just that omnipotence can make you too strong. And the fact that you could hurt or kill someone with that much power? It's just... probably best to keep it under control."

"Have you heard of Vul?"

"Daniel": "Inherent omniscience will only say that he's omnipotent. I am planning on meeting him."

"What's your story?"

"Daniel": "I gave up on that concept some time ago. Inconsistencies. Key factor is that I'm from the medieval times. Omnipotence... that's more complicated."

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