• CyanoTex

    "The Geometric Demon"

    January 29, 2017 by CyanoTex

    [Sounds of the door opening and closing. Footsteps, then sounds of the chair being moved as someone is heard sitting down.]

    "Daniel": "Absolutely. I'll add them here over time. Anyways..."

    "Daniel": "My demon name has been.... forgotten or lost to time. But just call me Daniel."

    "Daniel": "As stated in the previous question, I'm a demon."

    "Daniel": "True Neutral. I try to be True Neutral as much as I can."

    "Daniel": "Because this isn't a video, I will just state the details. I am wearing a helmet that looks like a black cube with a white diamond outline on the front with a circle inside of it. The circle acts as an eye. I am also wearing a business suit. Black theme, white shirt, red tie."

    "Daniel": "Omnipotence. And I know you all are gonna say…

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