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ArmosAss KickerBowser
Butt BlastCD-I FightCD-I Final Destination
CD-I Pokémon TournamentCD-I Ranger VS WeeGeeCD-I Super Guns Fight
CD-I Tactical RPGCD-I The Secret GameCD-i Battle Tournament
Clown Deadly TackleDark ArmosDark Sleepy Bones
Dinner BlasterDuke OnkledEarthmate Pete (Universe 5 and 13)
FairiesFake DeathFalcon MMMMM Punch
FariFire FlowerGanon
George the BakerGiygasGlutko
HarlequinHectanHectan Healing
HyruleI'll take a potato chip and eat it! (all)I.M. Meen
ImpaIron KnuckleKoridian Mice
KoridiansLinkLink Nukem's only fear
Link Nukem BlasterLink the Hero of Time & SpaceList of Universal Prison Inmates
List of series of Achille12345's projectLuigiLupay
Magic Emperor (Universe 5 and 13)Mah BoyMajin King
MalleoMarioMayor Kravindish
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Morshu's KaiokenMultipliersMy Princess
Never piss Link Nukem offOctorokOmfak
Omfak ShieldOphelia ChillPedobear
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RupeesSeizure ScreamSkies of CD-I Legends
Sleepy BonesSmithSpaghetti
Status EffectTails DollThe Big WeeGee Head
The Big WeeGee Head connections with WeeGee, Malleo and Yushee.The Enclosed Instruction BookThe Goddess of Life
The KingThe MultiverseThe Multiverse Tournament rules
The Random GameThe Triforce of CourageThe Triforce of Power
The Triforce of WisdomThe Universal Guardians (Universe 5 and 13)The Void God
The fall of the Universal GuardiansThe last stand against WeeGeeThe many deaths of Mario
ThemysteriouspirateUniversal PrisonUniversal Prison Guards
WeeGeeWeeMallSheeGasWeegee Power Up

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