"Please, Your Omnipotence, have mercy!"
— Duke Onkled

Duke Onkled is a character coming from Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. He is King Harkinian's cousin
Duke Onkled

Duke Onkled.

and the ruler of Gamelon. In the intro cutscene from the game, The King travels to Gamelon in order to help his cousin, whose kingdom was attacked by Ganon's forces. However, month passes and The King doesn't return, neither does Link, who departed on a rescue mission. Zelda and Impa decide to investigate the matter on their own (leaving the Hyrule castle without leadership) to ultimately expose Duke Onkled's secret collaboration with Ganon. Fari captures Duke, who then reveals the prisoners' locations.

After defeating Ganon by Zelda, The King forces Duke Onkled to "scrub all the floors in Hyrule" as a punishment for betrayal.

In Achille12345's video series - CD-I Super Guns Fight, Duke doesn't belong either in Good, or Evil Team. Nobody trusts him, because he's a traitor, so he shoots everybody.

He's a great sniper (confirmed 5 kills in Battle 3) and a malicious camper. His skill level is equal to 135/150 (Godlike), which makes him the best gunner in this series after The King himself. 

From the minor characters's cast. He is the 3rd strongest character ever, with 2nd and 1st position belonging to the Fairies and Smith (Mecha Smith).

Duke onkle

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